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  1. Joining the Faceless force

    I'm done with snow for this year. Its taking too long to melt.
  2. Joining the Faceless force

    Nice to meet you Akjig
  3. Joining the Faceless force

    I can not wait for it all to melt, I am hoping for a beautiful summer. Do you have snow too? Or did I misunderstand?
  4. QONQR, here to...arm us?

    I am very intrigued with the thought process here. Maybe Faceless is being used by qonqr, if the faceless are trying to control qonqr they would have to take everything apart and see how it works. And what if after taking it apart they see a better way to assemble it and make it stronger. Qonqr could easily use this to his advantage and become more powerful from their knowledge. Since he is a human made machine with human ideas behind his structure, he would need humans to give him certain perspectives. Including new ways to better his equipment. I don't think an AI would try to completely wipe out the human race, humans are a valuable race. Our bodies are organic, we could be used as slaves to first better our ruined planet and then we could be killed off and used as fertilizer but in order to keep qonqr functional he would need humans. Self preservation is a big part of the human thought process, so why wouldn't it be apart of qonqr's? Qonqr doesn't have to be evil either, maybe he comes from a future that is desolate of humans because we didn't evolve fast enough with our degrading environment.Therefore the conditions were to harsh for our organic bodies. He could have gone through many scenarios on how that end could have been prevented and come up with giving nanobots to humans sooner would create a faster world peace and a better earthly environment. With new technology advancement would take place sooner and humans could coax better with any change.
  5. Joining the Faceless force

    is there a way to delete posts? My bad ;P Edit By Supertramp: Done
  6. Joining the Faceless force

    I loved the pun lol there is a lot of territory claimed by the swarm, I am battling him but he's really good and I'm a lower level.
  7. Joining the Faceless force

    Hello everyone, I'm located in Alaska and will try to create a good post for the faceless. I'll be moving in a year, so it will not be a permanent base. I will stay loyal to the faceless.