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  1. So I was wondering, great QONQR announched QONQR Blue but eh... when will it come? The past couple of months I did not see much updates of QONQR. Will QONQR Blue happen this year?
  2. Any qonqr blue news?

    Well I think we all wonder when 'soon' is
  3. Getting ready to waste my time!

    Hello Corrine, I'm assuming you are a woman. I'm a very strong man (24 years old) with a good body mass index and strong muscles. We can always help eachother, where do we meet grtz
  4. Hello QONQRD, I would like to show another side of Faceless. The discussion of the pay to win model is one of the biggest discussions in the gaming world since ever. And yes, you could consider it cheating, only not with 'hacking skills' but with real life money. But we must understand that QONQR would not exist without this business model. Nothing is for free, sadly. So I agree that the pay-to-win model is bad. But I think for QONQR it is the least bad option at the moment. And yes I am saying at the moment. Now I completly understand it ruines your gaming experience by constantly losing by one guy which has it seems unlimited recourses. What I see is that playing with a cuber does not only ruines the gaming experience for the enemy factions, but also for the allied players. Cuz they will not understand that they have to really stress about a zone. They could think lazy "Cuber_player_a will cube it empty anyways". This creates a unbalanced relationship between Cuber_player_a and his teammates. On the other hand we all know that the World is very unfair. This unfairness which QONQR is creating trough their pay to win model is a pure reflection of how the world works. Sadly the world, and we as humans living on it does not create fair conditions for eachtoher in our struggle to survive (jaay philosophy!). So you could ether accept this situation or leave it. But in the real world, we have to deal with this every day. It is up to you to change it! How? That is up to you, but think out of the box. And I think the developers are well aware that on short term, this pay to win model works. But on long term, having 'deathlocked regions' creates less people to join QONQR. So in the future, my expectation is they will change the model a bit or completly, a hybrid solution like most games do. That is up to them. Please forgive my English. EDIT: Oooh and yes, I know of 2 faceless examples and 1 swarm example where over ecxessive cubing is taking place. That I know more of Faceless is mostly because I am a Faceless.
  5. Is This Still Active?

    The forums are kinda useless, there is a very big community on GroupMe. And the developpers are very active. They are updating QONQR serverside mostly so you 'wont' see updates. but they are there
  6. Not New Player, New to Forums

    Welcome my friend
  7. Dirt and Other Faction Generalizations

    We often just say Legion NL or Swarm NL (yes internal too, we do not have much hate) Legion NL - Grandpas (you know why I am saying that ^^) Swarm NL - 'That faction that once were 2nd in NL' Oooh yes we both call Legion and Swarm lyars... lol EDIT: Did I mentionet Treehuggers and Legionella?
  8. United Nations of Qonqr

    The reason that group is made is that Silver is in contact with players to warn about problems with QONQR. And I totally agree not everyone could be in it. And I think people should accept that. But my point is, that I am missing development news about QONQR. Like 'base extensions' and 'improved messaging system' which I saw in the screenshots above. And that another Swarm member (which is apparently not in the group) has that information, while I do not have that information. That is lack of transparency of the Faceless representatives, and I am feeling sad about that. All of the information I am reading in the screenshots is new to me. You could just share those screenshots in the Faceless World Wide group, then nothing would be bad about it. Anyways is it allowed to duplicate / screenshot the messages in that group and post it somewhere EDIT: It has been spoken out internal on our Faceless chat. I am fine with it.
  9. United Nations of Qonqr

    Such group is very good for the player and developer communication. I am unhappy about the Faceless representatives which are not sharing this kind of awesome news with their members ...
  10. Anonymous is Legion

    I wanted to reply seriously here... but the statement is too much False...
  11. Great month of Atlantis

    I had a report of legion capturing Desideratus at 01:01... lol
  12. http://qommnd.com/ suspened by ICANN

    I use it to check where the enemy's are stacking. Which indicates base placement.
  13. Poaching

    I think recruitement and propaganda is an extra dimension to this game.
  14. Green Screen Ideas

    If you experiment it is good to have a main idea what you guys want with the green screen. Maybe start combining the 'Where in the World is QONQR' idea with the green screen. So each week we see a small video of QONQR developpers analyzing the battlefield of a certain city.
  15. Pyongyang: My Atlantis Nomination

    They can try to hack us... I am not impressed. We are hackers, we are Faceless.
  16. Stealth Coverage % and a bit more...

    I dont understand this post. Can someone enlighen me. I never use divert bots so, am I missing something in my way to world conquest?
  17. A stalemate, cannot gain ground any ideas?

    Ignore the 'buy cubes' and 'recruit more people' tips. This is a strategy game, time to be smart. 1. Since they are not attacking you it seems they are busy with other things. Which is nice, try to find out what they are up too. Contact Faceless players in the area and check regular qommnd.com. 2. Go total turtle. Put all your bases on 1m bots and put Hardened latenence in it. Don't put any 'strenghen' in it yet. Only when they attack, so you can spend your qredits on scope upgrades. Always leave 100k qredits in stock in case of an emergency. (to put 100% galvanizer into the attacked zone + some extra absorbers [1] 3. Your scope upgrade / research should be based on maintaining your position. First research Bot Launcher and Bot Tank. After that make sure you can deploy Hardened Latenence, Absorbers and Strengen by researching lvl1 of each of them. If you are finished with that start with the cheapest upgrade between Crystalizer, Galvic Strike, Amplifier and Shield Enchancer. A fully upgraded 1m zone should consist 25.000 Hardened Latenence, 40.000 Strenghen, 200.000 zone assault, 700.000 deflection, 1.250 seekers. Bonus: 4. If you want to annoy the **** of of them. Make sure you sometimes attack low zones of them and place 1 seeker formation in it. It will **** them off for sure ^^. But because they are with more do not expect much out of it. [1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turtling_(gameplay)
  18. Ummm bugs?

    Just restart QONQR and not your whole device.
  19. Stealth Coverage % and a bit more...

    What are stealth bots?
  20. What's in a name?

    RepsaJ is JaspeR
  21. Little question

    THE LEGION unite under the shared goals of destroying QONQR and saving humanity by crushing the nascent AI before it can mature. They are led by AGENT SUNDAY, a former commander of the NSA's Turing Task Force which has been valiantly stamping out dangerous AIs for years. This seems very desperate and autocratic. People in the military are fighting for freedom, not creating such hellstate
  22. Qredits

    In Europe the strongest is Swarm. Only in America Facelss is actually big. And since Legion and Swarm like to gang up on Atlantis it is not important who is the strongest on world scale. Nano missles can only go 650km.
  23. Hello dear forum readers, so once upon a time there was a site called qonqr-stats.com. The site had great stats about regions (how many bots a fraction lost or won, how many zones a fraction lost or won, etc). But the site went offline in like 3 days ago. Does someone know why?
  24. Where is QONQR-Stats.com

    It is up again, but I am wondering how they do it. The QONQR api does not give the information they are having. I am still a bit confused
  25. Level 100 What now?

    Keep spending 50% of your daily earnings on scope upgrades and the other 50% on nano missles. Start with upgrading things you need to make your nano missles more succesvol (damage enchanger, MX Rack). And dont forget bot launcher and bot tank. then go find much seekers in enemy zones. More than 5k seekers specially. And go hit them. When you dont have nano's anymore stack your bases to 1m (trust me good idea ).