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  1. Qredits

    I am, yes. I've only spent maybe $150 in cubes. Mostly to get qreds, don't get me wrong. I have used cubes. But I haven't used NEARLY as much as you have
  2. Qredits

    And you thing ur any more threatening? Take away ur cubes and ur nothing. Just as annoying as me, but not threatening at all
  3. Qredits

    I'm not trying to play victim moron, I'm just making a point. One u obviously don't agree with. Oh well.
  4. Qredits

    My thing says faceless but I'm actually swarm
  5. Qredits

    In Illinois faceless owns around 80% of the state so I wouldn't count faceless as underdogs
  6. I'm a bit curious as to what the perks and setbacks are of being merc so it would be great if you guys could give me some pros and cons. Thanks.
  7. I've changed factions

    Leave me alone prozt!!!
  8. I've changed factions

    Leave me and my posts alone prozt, you aren't welcome in them
  9. I've changed factions

    Idk, don't know about much anymore so idk what's gonna happen
  10. I've changed factions

    I'm not becoming a merc, I just decided to change
  11. I've changed factions

    Swarm now. Honestly don't care if anyone hates me or whatever. I'm going to do my own thing from now on
  12. Who/what is the Government?

    No, the B.S. On this site is making people quit. Dings has nothing to do with it and I'm tired of reading about all this hate on him. Stop. Its petty and ridiculous and completely uncalled for. The whole time I've known dings he hasn't been anything you nimrods say he is. In fact, I'm a bigger *sshole than he is. All this nonsense is out right stupid. Get over it. In fact, all this name calling on the whole government is almost making me quit. I'm tired of being belittled and insulted just because of my faction and who I talk to and associate with in the group. No one cares who I am as a person but heaven forbid I am faceless, then I'm an egoist, only care about myself, and just for the fact I'm friends with dings, I'm a puppet. Nice to know people flock with the masses.
  13. Who/what is the Government?

    My phone changed B ) to that wierd face
  14. Short and simple

    No we don't and I would really like it if people would stop saying that about us. It honestly hurts