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  1. News in France

    Hello, Yesterday (30/08/15), We (Faceless) lost our first player in the top 50: maxoxam He has around 85M and leads 1300 zones And following this switch an other players Titidu33 (10M) did the same thing The reason of this act is named Bouyeros and all his multis-scope who paid around 15 000$ in the game! Here is the list of his "main" multis: -Bouyeros 64000 ordnances -Xiedeved 43000 ordnances -eclair 41000 ordnances -opium 42000 ordnances -nouche 40000 ordnances -belledestree 2500 ordnances -belledestreee 8300 ordnances -gaetan87 9200 ordnances -xXx004 8800 ordnances -..... all this counts = 260 000 ordnances Otherwise we can't say that this is pure multi-scoping cause they are a real family but come on?! (of course they are all elite so the wonderful tool "synk lock" is useless) We have few example of them in the top 10 of the MAZ: http://portal.qonqr.com/Home/BattleStatistics/14952 Last week, in 6 days they destroy around 15M of our bots but without any help of their factions... Just a family with a lot of money who decided to destroy our game! In fact, we are all agree to said that QONQR needs player who pay (I also gave few € for the game I love) but should we establish a limit of cubes? And I'm not complaining against only Swarm cubeurs, but against all big cubeurs!! Players who paid more than 100 ordnances each day must be "limited"! Cause regular players can't resist to them! So of course you need money to develop the game but I prefer some advertising than lost a 1M zone in 2 hours!! If we keep going in this way, we will lost players like maxoxam who was (by the way) the first in Europe to deploy since 2012! I can tell you that the mood in France is very very bad with the recent events! -Darkwall an ordinary player-