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  1. Hello, I signed up for beta in the sticky, and then it redirected me to this app page: https://play.google....qr.android.blue Problem is that I can't load this page. I get the error: We're sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server. Fixed by actually searching.
  2. Atlantis June, 2015

    The third one in a row, actually.
  3. Hi from a newcomer

    Thank you for your reactions, if this doesn't work I'll definitely send an e-mail. He is not very good at english. greetings, mijkolsmith
  4. Hi from a newcomer

    Hello, my name is mijkolsmith, also on qonqr. I am fairly new to this game and have experienced no problems so far. My friend does have a problem, I recruited him but the game won't work right on his Ipad. The problem is that if he sends nanobots, for example deflection, which normally costs 80 nanobots and 8 energy, he loses all his nanobots and energy. It costs about 1 minute time until they start recharging again. His scope does overheat.