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  1. Gold Status Incentive?

    So you both think a cuber who gets a star within a few hours should get the same perks as a non cuber working for the kills?? Personally I would rather have a fight and win the star, I guess you would rather buy them. But both are cracking posts, no wonder the forum is dead
  2. Gold Status Incentive?

    Would it be better if you could only get the star if you didn't use refreshes and maybe a harvest upgrade for a week. Or if you have used refreshes you get the star but its a different colour. The gold star should never be displayed if its been paid for! Nor should they get any perks.
  3. When is QONQR Blue coming?

    The graphics of blu look terrible and the wheel for selecting the weapon looks like it will slow things down Its a mix of 80's game graphics from Tron and up to date colours from ingress and an old landline telephone dial weapon selection (yuck). Let's hope you can carry on with this version of the game if you don't want to update, which I'm sure we will be able to due to no new features being added. Let's also hope it will run well on the holographic phones which are rumoured to be released just before blue in 2025
  4. When is QONQR Blue coming?

    Exactly what we were told by the devs, nothing will change in game, just the neon copied graphics from ingress and working on Android 13 months and counting since they announced it and still no change in the game mechanics.
  5. He didn't get sync locked, he bought a months worth of inoculation thinking it would help lol
  6. What have I told you about licking stamps all day long Jamie!!, five days stuck to a train window is just crazy, but glad you are back, I missed you. PS sorry for the delay I've out in the real world.
  7. Stop licking those stamps and have a chat Jamie, where you gone now??. Don't worry the cookies won't burn!! Miss will watch them for me. Ah poo I'm not moaning..... I hate mega cubers grrrr, ah that's better.
  8. Same old rubbish, Same old Jamiec.I love moaning its what I do. You lot cube I moan, i better go the bells just rang for the start of class. But pls while I'm away baking cookies in class, how does a mega cuber help the game?? Now remember I said MEGA cubing not cubing in general, yes I've cubed before, but no longer it just delays a mega cuber. Also the API should be switched off ASAP, the alert systems have killed another part of the game and actually killed the use of boost to take down a zone. And while youre at it check every post in the forum that you've been in, now that's boring and same old Jamiec. It supposed to be a game about teamwork,planning and battling. Ps love you, oh and you are great!! What a brilliant addition you are to the forums. Now its your turn to look a complete King Richard again, go, go, go
  9. One of the best quotes ever!! Just goes to show you haven't got a friggin clue!!. Hmm let's look at Maz today top zone. So let's say there's 28 multiscopers from legion and six ops from faceless, please explain why the mutlis are bad for the game??. There's one thing and one thing only bad about this game, UNLIMITED REFRESHES. 1800 launches from a single op equates to 8/9 multis firing constantly throughout the day without cubing. But then look at the 1800 launches and what's been used, yep pathetic. Your turn Jamiec, can't wait for the next chuckle. Great game ruined, blue will make no difference either to the game, the mechanics are so screwed up it's unreal. PS you might want to have a word with your little friends and their multis, before coming out with those classic one liners. Another King Richard in the making
  10. Synclock Challenge

    Hahaha, the cubing makes no difference!! , we have the game killer op over here.
  11. Synclock Challenge

    Totally agree with what you are saying if it was like that, but most people i play with don't cube at all and won't!
  12. Synclock Challenge

    Wish you were right there, but i know you are not ;-), yes ops have been blocked due to the amount of devices they use. See I'm different, if something is seriously wrong in a game why reward the devs?, but hey each to their own. PPS I'm guessing you haven't had a fight with a mega cuber, how about clearing and trying to defend a zone but due to the cuber deploying every 3 secs or so you just don't have a chance to do anything, so basically you give up on any zone they decided to attack (WOOPS BUY!!). Now that's something the devs should look into
  13. Suggestions:To the devs...

    Jamie your argument is pathetic, yes a company needs money to survive, but there's lots of ways to generate an income. The way cubing works at the moment will only slowly but surely kill the game. Take a look at the UK there isn't a game, pointless stacking any zone due to mega cubers and gifting of cubes. By adding a limit to cube use and refreshes would actually bring the game alive, why??. None of us will buy cubes anymore, complete and utter waste of time against mega cubers, but knowing an op only has a limited supply of cubes would seriously make the game more enjoyable and less one side and more cubes would be bought knowing there's a limit. Qonqrs running like it will only be round for a short while and they are after every dollar they can get, noticed how high the exchange rate is lately, even 9000 qreds per cube a few days ago. I can see the UK in particular turning into a QONQR wasteland, you might all think you are being big and clever spending so much on cubes, but you will have nobody to play against in the end!, why play a game if there isn't a game to be played??. Take a look at the LONDON area, its dead and i feel sorry for any news ops in that area. I just wished you could feel the enjoyment of actually winning a battle rather than buying a zone, the games actually good if you try, but i guess you would have a lot to learn !!
  14. Synclock Challenge

    Whats the difference between somebody using several accounts or mega cubing, I don't see the mega cubers getting looked at, wonder why hmmm..
  15. Starting Over?

    The phones are locked to the op, you can reset your phone as much as you want but it won't work. Just email support@qonqr.com I'm sure gadge will help, it's a shame support never check the forums and reply to simple questions like this
  16. Most Memorable Qonqr Battles

    Can't say I've ever battled faceless in the uk, they just buy, buy, buy. But with swarm we've had some cracking battles lasting many days with Europe involved on both sides. Every single battle was so close and all were fun and not spoilt by the mega cubers. If I'm right even our nickname comes from one of the battles.
  17. The title says it all really, the game is no longer a game for us. A certain op spends 500 to 700 dollars daily hitting zones for no reason at all, said player also dishes out cubes and caches for his players on a daily basis. Now this op will come on later and say he's doing nothing wrong etc etc etc BUT if six whole countries and two different factions cant take one op on then something is seriously wrong with the game. Now to shut this OP up i will update this post daily with his spending (this will only cover what he has on Most active zones and only his launches but should flag up that something is SERIOUSLY wrong with this game and no one OP should have the power to take on so many people). Now i know support wont get involved with this discussion because lets face it, the OP is their biggest supporter BUT when does an OP turn into a bully and what rules govern bullying. Just to throw some numbers up in the air here's the last few days of launches (BUT ONLY WHATS SHOWING ON MOST ACTIVE ZONES) Day 1 957 launches Day 2 335 & 527 launches I will add extra days when he pops up on the board ( but this is just the last two days ) over the last few months he has taken a 6 million bot zones with no boost and over 400k of absorbers (just because he could and no other reason, no faceless within 30 miles) and others (lots) including one which had 1.2 million absorbers. Does this mean the game is seriously flawed??, whats the point playing if one person has the power and the money to take any zone they wish. At least in atlantis his power disappears and i guess that's why he no longer plays it. HE CANT BULLY ANYONE!!!, anyway back to attacking pointless stacking any zone within his reach. Problem is he will just gift cubes to his lost sheep!! (camels)
  18. Is support still active via email?

    I thought the 24hr wait had been removed a few months back??. Seems the op is now linked to the phone.
  19. I would like to know how 12 million supported bots get wiped in five weeks, a six million bot zone taken down by mainly one op and said op launching 325 strengthen into one zone within 24hrs (due to not being able to add defence) is proven hes not a bully. OK lets say he isnt a bully, what is he then??. Lets be honest if he was here in the country playing you wouldn't of posted what you did, would you Janice??. Because he would have spent his money on the zone and you can just plod on. Welcome to the so called game in the UK!! By the way Janice the OP you are moaning about, have they cubed or used refreshes like yourself?? Maybe thats why they have to stay up so long, just to wipe your 'paid for' bots away. But hey its a game of war, if you get down on your knees maybe he will gift you a few cubes and then you can play his game rather than yours! Enjoy and dont forget the PANDA suit!!
  20. What now?

    I think what Leigh is saying is the game is dead monk, especially here in the UK. Its totally boring, look at the forums DEAD, look at facebook DEAD, look at blog DEAD, look at TWITTER DEAD. The game is dying or should i say DEAD. The devs don't talk anymore, I'm sure they know there are serious problems with the game (Especially endless refreshes) but all they are bothered about is BLUE, why? Cash Cow for the devs before the game totally dies!! and what new features are coming with BLUE!, jack all. They just want it to run on all OS's (more money) and always say 'Oh that will be version 2 of blue' complete horse poo. Personally i think the devs know its 'game over' and that's why they are so quiet. Rather than making blue they should be sorting out the game dynamics and i seriously feel sorry for any new joiner trying to get anywhere in this game. But ive got a feeling BLUE will come out before windows 10, or they need to start and fix the old QONQR to run on it !! Most of us only look forward to Atlantis now, the actual game i loved a few years back is DEAD!!! Ever wondered why ATLANTIS QREDITS come to us so late?, have you noticed the high exchange rate lately!!. Just trying to milk us.
  21. Best Kill Ratio

    Just checked our kills, heres the best..... 3115% and
  22. If thats not a ME ME ME post then i dont know what is!!, Im asking does anybody know where the rules are, that's all. Ps dont like being a camel change faction!! easy
  23. a bully pfft more like a crazy **** flip floppin panda. Also could you stop posting personal things about me please, that's serious bullying now tut tut and not a cube spent!! well done see it can be done