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  1. Oh my..... now the so called atlantis legends swarms are starting to boycott atlantis. Oh my... Oh my goodness. I knew it was coming after all it had to happen sometime sooner or later. Eventually they are getting why faceless boycott some time ago. It is really the case to look through. I mean just tell me how one can stick with the same old boring atlantis for such a long time huh? I know devs aren't working on cool atlantis updates are they? And With some LIMITED medals only, people are getting more and more reluctant with the time. No improvements, Nothing fancy about atlantis... I believe The Law of equi-marginal utility applies here. Every time I see is that the satisfaction of people are diminishing with the additional boring Atlantises. I ain't smoking stuff a lot with my small mouth but begging for further improvements and addition of various medals and awards as well as rank titles. Thank you in advance
  2. What Should Happen to Atlantis Now?

    atlantis should go on forever
  3. Thank You!

    thank you
  4. atlantis

    credit to the devs love them
  5. Calling all Faceless!!!!!!!

    и все безликие пришел
  6. Stealth Coverage % and a bit more...

    this should be the work of desk sitter.
  7. What's in a name?

    seriously what is in the name?? i care for the faction. there is nothing kept in the name.
  8. Letter of resignation (half serious)

    you are seriously kissing dings arsee.
  9. Atlantis would be like a proverb. "the fu**ing you get isn't worth the **** you get" seriously such small reward at the end
  10. What Should Happen to Atlantis Now?

    What if there was a huge reward of a whopping 50 million qredits for the winner. Still most people would isolate atlantis.
  11. In memory of Mr. Bizzy

    rip Mr.Bizzy See you in heaven.
  12. Calling upon to Attend a rare event

    Aaow, my bad just forgot to mourn. (takes deep breathe) MOURN!!! (60seconds)
  13. Gentlemen & Ladies or Ladies & Gentlemen As another wave of consecutive humiliating defeat goes to Faceless in Atlantis, I would like to beg all the qonqr operatives to MOURN for a moment to all those fallen purple bots that got totally wiped out in atlantis battle date of October 4, 2014(UTC). Despite knowing they were outnumbered, waiting for an inevitable doom, Abandoned and totally deserted by their autocratic leaders, were willing to fight & die for their faction. I've never seen such a love and loyalty for a faction. May your bots soul rest in heaven with peace. AMEN. Ps. Will be one of the favourite Bedtime stories for my kids.