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  1. Little question

    Based on their description, I feel like military and legion fit like a hand in glove tbh.
  2. stacking order ?

    Since no one wants to just come out and say it: Stacking seekers is a bad idea because they have low defense. Anyone who attacks a tower with a lot of seekers will be cutting through them about 5000-6000 at a time. Best to stack either deflectors with some zone assault. Good luck finding a local group!
  3. Calling upon to Attend a rare event

    [Plays "Amazing Grace" on the violin]
  4. What Should Happen to Atlantis Now?

    I definitely fall into the "nothing going on locally" section, which is why I've taken a shine to Atlantis and wouldn't mind it being more frequent. (though I will admit the length is a bit long)
  5. Stoppable Force

    This was my first time participating in Atlantis, and it was because of that "B.S. Reward" that I even became interested. It's funny because I was so confused by the fact that we were doing well that first day of open season, yet after that it was like y'all fell asleep. I actually don't mind that we lost, I am happy for Swarm. It was kind of refreshing to be overwhelmed by "enemies" for once. My only grievance is that we lost so hard. I oftentimes felt like I was the only one really trying to defend a zone, even though I knew there were maybe a few others. It's okay to not give your all if you don't care about the rewards, but I feel like if more Faceless just put even the minimal amount of effort we would've went down a lot harder, instead of the nosedive that happened here. But anyway, no sarcasm here: congrats Swarm, truly! You did beat us, and hard! Looking forward to next Atlantis