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  1. Qonqr Black

    Black > vanilla, tbh. I like the style of it much more, definitely. iOS release, good luck This it what comes of using inferior devices.
  2. Windows 10

    Wow. What an inventive name. Windows 9: Leaked. New name: Windows 10. So, does that mean I'll have to work with this ugly nonsense on my WinPhone? I'd better get my custom one done. But QONQRwise, I guess we get PC qonqr? (and I don't have to buy PC terraria, apparently).
  3. Afternoon, Boys and Girls

    Ohai new Faceless! Good luck killing Swarm: I've been working on a similar problem over here for the past month. If you need any support (assuming I'm in range) drop me a wire!
  4. Privacy and location based gaming

    Seriously? ****. Agreed with the ban. This is seriously taking things too far! That should be illegal.
  5. Anyone else having problems logging in?

    Maintenance I think: My gf's iPod said it's on maintenance when I tried to sign her u last night. Robiko, spoilers much! (YANA, Dr who... Reference)
  6. Who Gets Notified When Zone is Captured

    Indeed, the original zone captured. This causes much hassle to many people, however if you are a big player with a few residual missiles in 400 zones (zomg) then you don't want notifications constantly. But yeah, I think it should be the leader as well?
  7. Happy Birthday QONQR

    Hippy birthday to you! Hippy birthday to you! Hopefully I didn't get the song wrong, sorry. Heh, only been 1.5 weeks for me, but QONQR is amazing. So yeah, encore, encore!
  8. Qommnd site should be disabled!

    But it makes it overpowered for the people that use it. Some of us can't. Manually looking after your bases is better, the toast notification is enough for me, anyway.
  9. An eternal Qonqr dilemma

    Legion just sleep? Wait, is sleeping beauty secretly all of Legion, waiting for some unsuspecting Swarm or Faceless to kiss them and then they'll wreck everyone? Wait, no, that's not how the story went. Sod it, Faceless ftw. I just don't see how anything can be worthless, sure you can have a zone with a base which you prioritise, but the point of the game... LOL.
  10. Upgrades vs. Ordnances

    Upgrades for in the long run, ordnances for now. Depends what you're fighting and how fast you want to level.
  11. A Guide to the QONQR Community Forums

    A new Faceless. Good. May the fourth be with you in your zones. Just like to point out to newbs that the above info is incorrect, faction specific forums are temporarily disabled.
  12. An eternal Qonqr dilemma

    The point of the game is claiming zones for your faction, I don't see how you can get bored doing that. Though tbh, something you don't have a base in that has been going on for ages... *shiver*
  13. Faction Forums Problem

    So, did my support ticket prompt this thread. Now, I'd be happy to help sort something out with it, but I don't know PHP. I know ASP.net, which can do the same thing, and some SQL. What are you using to host the forums, (Linux, windows, etc), as Linux/asp.net is difficult (not impossible ) to set up. I haven't been able to access the faction forums, but I feel that if nothing else it's helpful for newbs (like me, lol) to get in contact with the right people etc. Tactical planning is probably best left to GroupMe. It probably has some value with Atlantis tactics, I guess. Drop me an email if I can help in any way.
  14. Qommnd site should be disabled!

    Mhmm, it also makes it harder for low level players to get higher if (I) get shot at soon after beginning an attack.
  15. Sustained Excessive Qubing

    A couple years of fun is a couple of years well spent.