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  1. Faceless Halton Area Ontario Canada

    Still waiting for you to take my spot alt.... Former faceless after everything anywhere near me was purple.
  2. Gold Status Incentive?

    An incentive for gold is a grand idea, and I would imagine easily implemented into the game
  3. Not in range

    In Canada, this comes up a lot. In heavily populated areas as well. Should not be an issue. Under level 100 players should always be in range of "current zone" Problem solved.
  4. Faceless Halton Area Ontario Canada

    Area is already purple due to prior efforts. The sea of red coming at everyone is the efforts of myself and one other, giving up roughly 60 million bots to excite our local area. Quite sad.... Lack of zones is a massive issue in Canada, Makes for low life spanning players. Get used to this, devs don't seem to care lol Tired of swapping one hits with me? hahaha
  5. Not in range

    This is an issue the devs need to address. Killing off new players before they even have a chance.... This is one person that actually came into the forum. How many others just say...ok nope, forget this.
  6. Can Atlantis go on forever??

    The game is very unbalanced. Kind of expected. If local is stale, switch factions. Cause a disturbance. I'm having fun again. Atlantis is to much about the $$$$ now.
  7. Dirt and Other Faction Generalizations

    Bottomless wallets goes to Legion. That cannot be disputed.
  8. Adapt, or fade away. Simple. Complaining does nothing. No faction is innocent of what you are talking about. Again; adapt...or go away.No different than ANY other game.