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  1. Afternoon, Boys and Girls

    Thanks for the welcome everyone So this groupme app thing how do i find the Faceless group? I've made contact with a couple of fellow Faceless but it'd be nice to talk to more And why are we not the most liked group Aces? I think i might have to do something about that!
  2. ...And Others Freshly initiated Faceless here, I've just joined the party over in the NE of England and seem to have landed in a puddle of green, but I'm sure we can mop that mess up! (Yes, that is fighting talk ) I'm not entirely sure if I'm even playing right at the moment but I am absolutely addicted to the game and oh would you look at that turns out I have an obsessive personality...Thanks QONQR (Stockton will be mine one day though!!) I'd also like to thank the two local members of swarm who've been continuing my education since i started, its really sweet guys and I promise to return the favour one day. So yeah please to meet you all and look forward to playing with you guys! Hex x