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  1. Launch Verification

    It is easy if you take your time to enter the code correct and the more you see it the easier it gets On most days I see the code 3 times per 24 hours without cubes and this is reasonable but sometimes in poor data areas it dose not always load all the images and often can be waiting for images to load to be able to enter the code this is the only problem I have experianced I have to admit it took a while with the symbols to ge some right maybe it could be time for the devs to add other languages to the codes and get us all thinking Remember you can always use the portal to enter your code the bigger the immages the easier it is to see which is which especially with the numbers in circles and smilies
  2. What Should Happen to Atlantis Now?

    Well I have been playing in every Atlantis since August and have now decided to give it a break for April unless something is changed it will no longer hold an interest for me as having finished in the top 3 for 5/7 Atlantis's it is now time to look at the dynamics of how the game can better be served by Atlantis and how the game in general can benefit from Atlantis. I realise that Atlantis is to help the Developers to make some profit on the game by the use of cubes and people wanting to be Elite to allow the deployment of Bots into all zones however as money is the biggest short fall in any business and the hardest thing when one competes in a competitive environment (Formula 1 being an example they now use rules about the maximum investment allowed by the top teams) the amount one can invest should not be limited in my opinion however maybe we need to look at some way in allowing people some form of fairness. I like a lot of people are not wanting to destroy the game but to allow the assumption of a level playing field thus as some have discussed in the privacy of forums a possible solution has been floated that being as refresh is not allow in Clover and Melee zones neither should Inoculation be allowed in those zones and if people choose to be elite and have the option to not allow auto inoculation then maybe this should be looked at. This is a suggestion for the benefit of the game and is in no way a dig against any one faction or group of people.
  3. Blue Update?

    It has become noticed the new portal wire system (in game messages) has been loosing messages! There is a reason for this and before you get all upset about the fact I have lost all my messages and get upset we need to inform you about the changes to the message system brought about with the new portal. The main change is in the way that the new message storage is handled by the game and this has put a restriction on how many messages that now be displayed to the user in the app. The new display message limit in the app is 100 Messages this is a combination of the command and personal messages. To clarify this 100 messages are the newest 100 messages if you delete a command wire message you will still get 100 newest messages but the message numbers will be made up with past messages. If you would like to see all you messages you can still view them 10 at a time in the portal. Sorry for the delay on this update I personally am not a dev and only do this as a helping hand to my fellow QONQR Players.
  4. Blue Update?

    well the portal has had an improvement added to allow you to see your area of influence found from the dashboard it shows a map of the zones you have nanobots in. The wire system has gone through improvements so if you are still experiencing problems please contact support Thanks to the QHQ Dev team for the new portal and the enhancements that it will bring to mine and others gaming experience.
  5. Blue Update?

    New portal has been released so everyone can now see how the new portal works enjoy there are some issues being investigated so if you could give it a little time (24 to 48 hours) before you start to report errors it will help the developers No new address the portal can be accessed as you have previously access the portal New features you can now see a lot of your information on the dashboard including active sync-locks, dayley deploys and new players near you
  6. Blue Update?

    Well to say that the devs are busy is an understatement as they have been working on blue and those who are part of the United Nations QONQR are being asked to test the new portal. The new portal first release to those who said they would test it found 35 bugs that have been fixed and a second release of the portal was pushed to the testers earlier today and has only a few bugs left to be fixed. If the improvements in the portal continue then the developers will be one step on the way to a release to the general public. The users of the current portal will not be disappointed in the new portal in my opinion especially the dashboard screen that is a single screen that contains relevant information at a single glance along with greatly enhanced active zone appearance. Please all be patient the wait will be worth it! This is only the opinion of one of the testers and I believe it will be a great improvement in the way to play the game.
  7. The forums are a ghost town

    Probably a case of the most active forum members are now all on the UN and chat all the time there is not time to argue in the forums anymore!
  8. well Ipods and Ipads have gps capability will the windows tablets have a gps?
  9. Dings90 Atlantis Zone

    there is going to be an a1elec zone for you to kill in the next atlantis dings Sorry you retired thats right no more atlantis's for dings is your beard on the line for your retirement
  10. Well lets just say I have been at every Atlantis since August 2014 and now it is great to see that all factions have won at Atlantis. This Atlantis was like none before all factions had a chance in the final hour to take the win! Making it a unique Atlantis except for the fact that we now see an increase in multi-scoping just to take the Swarm Grunt Zone by Legion! Also with the addition of Two 'T'Shirt contests one for the stacking phase and one for the final battle phase! (sorry a little bost 4 Swarm took the final T-Shirts and one to a Faceless so sorry to legion they may have won atlantis but missed the T's) All in all it was the most interesting Atlantis to date and if this is how they will be in the future we have a lot of good fun wars to play and the servers were at there best with the only noticeable slowdown occurring in the final 10mins of the battle which deserves a big round of applause to the servers and the staff at QHQ
  11. Atlantis deploys

    https://portal.qonqr.com/Home/Atlantis from a pc will give you the top 100 for each faction
  12. Dings90 Atlantis Zone

    The truth is Dings90 is not there and the rest of the faceless went if your not playing we dont care about your zone!
  13. New Faceless in an OP Swarm town

    There is always the option to join the strength BE SWARM
  14. Thank you, Legion

    Congrats earit for finding you true place in the world and a face to go with it. Look forward to seeing you battle with the legion at atlantis and may you show those who you have left what they have lost. Have fun and keep it real!
  15. T-Shirt Contest

    Although I would like to have the opportunity to win a T-Shirt as they look cool although a Hot colour Black I would like to say although the idea of active zone works for most areas that are well contested or have a large number of players can create the activity in an area that is void contested zones or player numbers are low it is impossible to get the zone on the active list as most times it requires more than 600 deploys to get on the list and one person not cubing can only do about 300-350 deploys in a 24 hour period (From my personal experience) and that is usually during Atlantis. Sorry ***** is over The idea of a contest is always good but most leave a portion of the players out of a chance to participate despite the effort of an individual puts into it.