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  1. help I've tried over 30 times access why can't I access it faction Legion
  2. help

    Will am not use a app i don't like .. if anyone in the South and southnorth USA with to get Line and add me the i will appeal u and i and as of not am try to get a Line Legion Chat Room off the ground for the US
  3. help

    Ty and i try guopme And i don't like it ... I get Line if anyone wants to join me ID acestar
  4. help

    But what do Kentucky use
  5. try to get a Profit picture

  6. help

    I get a Line chat ID acestar ... do u all use line or wechat and what the deal with the Legion forum Because i want to put this on tbe faction forum
  7. help

    Lol it would be so boring where I'm at though because faceless dominates it no no no I think I'm going to stick with Legion fighting uphill against the 3rd ranked in the whole United States and his and his group but I like a challenge thanks for the offer man
  8. help

    Do i use line or wechat or something else if Line my ID is acestar ..i am waiting on for Legion forum
  9. Who/what is the Government?

    My area faceless dominated I own 4 areas
  10. hi legion where you at?

    Am live in Hnadman ky
  11. New VA Legion

    Hey you all am new just download last night lv10 private located I'm in Handmam Kentucky and i was wondering what do Legion Use as a communication network line or WeChat or something else because i get line My ID is Acestar .. and am waiting on authorization to join faction forum