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  1. Multi-scoping faceless

    I go there just for the (tiny) Mongolian BBQ.
  2. Multi-scoping faceless

    Noooo, goto Top Noodle in downtown Mattoon.. Small, family owned, and OH SO GOOD. Its the only reason I really go to Mattoon anymore.
  3. Multi-scoping faceless

    Whoops, disregard the "well played" part. Forgot I am in Illinois. I have to visit Mattoon, since you multiscoped/qubed/locationhacked/etcetcetc a chunk off Effingham! (/end sarcasm)
  4. Multi-scoping faceless

    ($(#)!!!! Da.rn it rebel!! Now I want some Thai... And the place down here is awful. Maybe I'll come up there Friday. I need to pay Mattoon a visit after last night anyways! (well played by the way!)
  5. New Legion color

    Cranky? No... Just tired of the bad vibes being posted on the forums from my state.. You guys are waaay too bitter up there. And love you too Rocco..
  6. Multi-scoping faceless

    It's me! (true story)
  7. New Legion color

    Not talking about position.. Or zones capped or anything else.. Just attitudes.
  8. New Legion color

    A year ago, I had the game pegged. Legion had all the short, brisk, pseudo military types. I once had a request for a missile op denied because my request was not in the proper format with the proper information attached. Faceless were like your high school English teacher. Polite, somewhat friendly, but secretly you knew he wanted to fail you back to preschool. Swarm were the Xbox kiddies.. Only twice have I had to report people for inappropriate messages.. And they were both swarm. the only really civil interaction I've had with my snot green nano targets was with P-falcon, and assorted mercs who were green only because they had to be. Of course there were exceptions to the above rule.. But it stayed pretty constant. Now? Legion and faceless are opposing school yard bullies, each trying to gain the coveted position of Top ******* at the others expense. Almost enough to defect to swarm... And I HATE that shade of green. (Disclaimer: the above is only the observations of Illinois politics.. Your actual experience may vary.)
  9. A Letter of Resignation

    Wish, for you to say that about RF... the apocalypse is nigh! The end of the world is upon us!
  10. Sync Lock Blog Post and Video of how it works.

    We were always #1... After all, Illinois is the only state with its very own Ari
  11. So, Synclock may a bit of a mess, but I had some thoughts on how to improve it.. And thus I will toss them out here to be ridiculed and flamed Now, from what I understand, SyncLock, at it's heart, is a griefing tool.. one aimed at multiscopers.. but is currently targeting families as an unfortunate side affect. Thought One: Make SyncLock tactical. Remove the free Locks.. make a person pay a Qube per use. Since SyncLock went active, I've used mine at random.. hitting (or trying to) my neighbors. (Sorry Suna!) However,if you put a pricetag on the use of SL, I'm pretty sure people will stop firing them off randomly.. or locking the same people for days on end. To that end, remove the month-long immunity. Now it becomes a game of bluff and counter, used a day at a time. Thought Two: Make it an AOE affect. That it targets the physical location of the player's last launch... and overheats every scope within X amount of miles around it. Or for that matter, able to target a single player. Really, my thought in this matter stems from the core idea of: Make it less about speciality (Fighting Multiscopers) and make it seem a natural part of the game (Electronic Warfare?). It will still accomplish it's intended purpose, but won't seem like an attempt to punish people who play together. Personally, I love QONQR, and the fact that the Devs are constantly trying toimprove it. If you have any constructive ideas to add to mine, feel free to post them here! Who knows, maybe one of them will be used!
  12. Sync-Lock isn't that bad

    Well stated, and agreed!
  13. New Feature - Sync Lock

    After taking time to think about it... I have to applaud what the devs have done here. They have made multiscoping profitable for them, But also a hindrance, not as easily abused.. With the reins to control them in the players hands. And yet everyone is complaining anyways All things considered, they could have made a worse decision.
  14. New Feature - Sync Lock

    Okay, so multiscoping is legal. Is there anyway we can get a Return to login" or "switch account" button? Cause as of now, those of us with only one device and non-cubing tendencies are like a bunny in a cage full of multiplying wolves.
  15. Quiting players and their bots

    My thoughts: Swarm: Destroy Faceless: Destroy Legion: Legacy!