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  1. New Swarm, new brunswick

    The show was made by Lauren Faust, queen of everything ever forever, so it makes sense that anyone in their right mind would like the show
  2. New Swarm, new brunswick

    Darn. Yeah, its a pretty epic app. If you ever get a windows phone, it should be the first thing you get, even over contact numbers
  3. New Swarm, new brunswick

    It has 10 news sites, as well as RSS feed capability. It has some cool links to stuff like memebase, reddit, fan- and fim-fiction sites, all the songs within the app with the ability to watch the video for the song, social networking and YouTube, also has a link directly to the bronyville podcast, and lots of other stuff
  4. New Swarm, new brunswick

    Mlp portal. It links to most of the sites, streams songs from the show, episode list, instant yay and eyup, radio stations. it's an awesome app
  5. New Swarm, new brunswick

    Not fully converted, but twi was my fav from ep 1. Link made me feel a little better, but the mass of one word answers made it a lil sketchy. Got the portal app on your phone? Radio section rules
  6. Silver - A Welcome from the CEO

    Posted in the wrong forum
  7. Help! Frustrated. WP7

    Oh, I should also point out that if you build another base and try to capture an area, you can't attack or defend that area unless you are still close enough to attack there, so capping an owned base in another state will be useless unless you just want to level. Tip there
  8. New Swarm, new brunswick

    You know, its gunna take a while to get used to lil miss fancywings now... Sure hope season 4 makes up for it...
  9. New Swarm, new brunswick

    New swarm set up in new Brunswick, Canada, captured a zone, soon, the world. Any tips welcome. Pinkwraith ingame