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  1. Stuck on "Choose your Faction" screen

    I guess I should give mine, too: Galaxy S6, Android 5.1.1.
  2. Stuck on "Choose your Faction" screen

    I still can't get by the Choose Your Faction screen.
  3. Lol. Most of their money comes from megacubers who ain't likely to stop spending bc they think spending lots of money teaches others a lesson or makes them awesome, and being awesome at this game is apparently at the top of most of their to-do lists. I stopped spending money on this game a while ago bc it stopped being fun. Holding out for Blue. That will be the deciding factor.
  4. Atlantis in August

    Great job, faceless! It was actually an exciting Atlantis and I prefer it that way. Way to bring your A game.
  5. In the web Portal, go to "Buy Cubes." Under your pic/profile, click "Change." Search for player, select, buy Cubes as normal & it should go to them.
  6. I'm not sure you'd feel the same if the opposing faction had the huge tower. This is a good feature meant to help newbies. If you want to honor someone, try being civil with your local QONQRers, from all factions, and asking for a cease fire on a zone or two. However, I imagine that your lack of civil discourse shown in this forum is restricted just to here, so I doubt they'd care to listen to you. This is a game. Dont get all bent outta shape over it.
  7. I recently downloaded Ingress on my Wi-Fi iPhone (no service on it). I met a couple guys at a Tulsa Comic Con that had a booth and everything. I will be switching from Windows Phone to iPhone or Android almost riotously for this app. My only real interest in QONQR right now is Atlantis. Beyond that, I don't really care anymore.
  8. Patriot guide

    I've thought about doing the All Factions thing, but can't bring myself to go Faceless ... Lol
  9. There was a blog post almost every day talking about stuff I don't really care about, then he says he will talk about comms next & waits forever! This was mostly a post about how I can't wait for a better messaging system So, how we gonna take out Faceless?? #qSmack
  10. I used to complain about a local op megacubing, but then I realized that this is just a game. There's no reason to get worked up about it.
  11. What are your Twitter and Facebook links?

  12. Stuck on the Idea of Changing Factions

    Join Legion. Build bases, harvest a bunch of credits to upgrade your scope. Make friends. Play in Atlantis. Need help finding someone in Legion? I can check if Swarm has any active players there, if you like. I'm in OK.
  13. The best Legion and Swarm players

    Well, the Faceless here in OK aren't very good. One megacuber keeps it all purple, but if this person stopped playing, or stopped cubing, it wouldn't stay purple very long. Not to mention that I stole a zone from them using very few cubes, so it may not be purple for long in any case. Faction has zilch to do with skill.
  14. I stole a zone & I liked it

    Hey, if y'all will foot the bill for my flight & equivalence of my current salary for as long as I'm there, count me in
  15. I stole a zone from a megacuber. Well, me and four other people, but I was involved. It took 6 months of trying different things to figure out a strategy that worked, but we took it & built it up to 4million. I hope they QONQR-cried.