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  1. Private chat zone links

    Yes. Bump, because I like this.
  2. qonqr blue on android

    There's no transfer, as far as I'm aware. Just uninstall the app from your old phone, and then install the app and log in to your account on the new phone. Just make sure you don't try to log back in on the old phone.
  3. I haven't been on this website since I was 13 or 14

    The best way to find out is to download the game and look around
  4. Monitoring chat rooms

    And even then, monitoring them doesn't notify us in anyway when someone chats. Not that I've seen.
  5. Chat Rooms

    I'm not sure if it's because chat isn't fully ready yet, but I have a few suggestions. First, I had to go to the web chat and post in there to even start seeing the chats in the premade rooms (Global, Noob, United States, Oklahoma). I think there should be a way to initiate chats from the app. Second, I created some rooms in the web chat, but I can only invite from the web chat. I think I understand the need to go to website to create a room, but I think we should be able to invite to a room from the app. I can find a player CIA search and there is an option to invite to a chat room, but it says I don't have a room I can invite them into even though I made about 4. Maybe that will be implemented when chat really gets up and running, I'm not sure. Third, there needs to be a way to direct message or whisper someone from the app. Sort of like The Wire did, but notified them that they got a message (not like in classic QONQR where you got the same notification for both player message and message from command when zone was lost). I was thinking of just typing @name, like Twitter, FB, and GroupMe does, and it either creates a room for just you and them or it notifies them of a whisper and only they can see it, no matter which room it originated in. I scanned topics and didn't see this one. Sorry if I missed it and it was discusser.
  6. That would be nice, especislly for the newbies, but I'm not sure how many experienced folks would use it for that when other factions can see it just as easily. I do think that most of our actions should be able to be forwarded to chat rooms, though - for taunting purposes
  7. First thoughts.

    I haven't noticed the chevrons being random, but many people seem to. I would be best helped if they were color coded like in QONQR classic: red for attack, green for defend, and purple for support, instead of the blue if you can't use, orange if you can. Maybe keep the blue for "unavailable," but highlight them with the corresponding colors when available instead of just orange. Hope it made sense
  8. Chat on Mobile & Desktop

    I can't even get the chat to work.
  9. Social Sharing

    I didn't see this one started yet. I like most of what I see about QONQR Blue (on Android, S6). But: (1) When I hit to share to Twitter, it asked me which app to use. Now it wants to tweet even when I hit the FB icon. I like the idea of taunting my Faceless friends on Twitter AND Facebook (2) When someone taps the options to share to FB or Twitter, it should have a preset message with zone name, bots killed, etc. Right now, it's just blank. (3) Thus one is just a suggestion: maybe you should reward a cube or some credits or something for every tweet/FB update. Or for the first one every week or month, or something. That could generate some Twitter/FB traffic, and maybe you could link FB share icon to the QONQR FB page to boost the FB community. Only a suggestion bc I like to tweet a lot & right now my QONQR account is pretty empty, haha.
  10. Stuck on "Choose your Faction" screen

    I guess I should give mine, too: Galaxy S6, Android 5.1.1.
  11. Stuck on "Choose your Faction" screen

    I still can't get by the Choose Your Faction screen.
  12. Lol. Most of their money comes from megacubers who ain't likely to stop spending bc they think spending lots of money teaches others a lesson or makes them awesome, and being awesome at this game is apparently at the top of most of their to-do lists. I stopped spending money on this game a while ago bc it stopped being fun. Holding out for Blue. That will be the deciding factor.
  13. Atlantis in August

    Great job, faceless! It was actually an exciting Atlantis and I prefer it that way. Way to bring your A game.
  14. In the web Portal, go to "Buy Cubes." Under your pic/profile, click "Change." Search for player, select, buy Cubes as normal & it should go to them.
  15. I'm not sure you'd feel the same if the opposing faction had the huge tower. This is a good feature meant to help newbies. If you want to honor someone, try being civil with your local QONQRers, from all factions, and asking for a cease fire on a zone or two. However, I imagine that your lack of civil discourse shown in this forum is restricted just to here, so I doubt they'd care to listen to you. This is a game. Dont get all bent outta shape over it.