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  1. When is QONQR Blue coming?

    I hope it has new features... Like having a list of our zones and how many bots we hace there xD
  2. qonqr alliance manager

    Oh Ok! I found that app and wanted to share n.n
  3. qonqr alliance manager

    Its a program where you can create alliances, and chat with them... Etc
  4. To All Legion members

    I hope they add android so more people will Play if they want n.n though I perder Windows e.e
  5. qonqr alliance manager

    Here the Picture I forgot lol
  6. qonqr alliance manager

    Do someone use this App? I want to join members but i think people maybe dont know this App. I need more legión partners in Buenos aires Argentina xD i know its not an official App but it may help...
  7. To All Legion members

    Hi! well... In Buenos Aires Argentina Im the only active legión member so its being difficult for me, some faceless a trying to take all zones and i dont see other legión members playing... I posted about the game in some pages so people maybe would Play, but here almost all peoplr have android devices... ;;
  8. Little question

    Weird...but ok... I will continue but it bothers they attack always together,i cant defend that way :v
  9. Little question

    Why failed? I think something is suspicious about those players :/
  10. Hi all! ♥

    Thanks! Yeah Im Legión because of the refferal... But that person abandoned game because of people with 2 accounts... :|
  11. Little question

    Thanks, how can I sync lock Them? I though of sending them a MP saying that I dont know if he has two accounts but in that case dont take ALL my zones using that cheat :v lol
  12. Hi all! ♥

    I have play since september... I think... But never presented lol :v Age: 24 Country: Argentina I`m on the Legion.. nice to meet you all!
  13. Little question

    I play since 2,3 month ago, suddenly at the same time 2 player started taking my zones (no problem the game is like this lol) BUT... All the times the 2 players attack at the same time, ALWAYS, I`ve been watching for a while before writting this... Is it possible that... it`s only one person with 2 accounts? Of course I can not defend anything if everytime I have to do it I`m agains 2 players ALWAYS... So... What do you think? Thanks! CODENAME: GeRyKatina