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  1. What's in a name?

    I was a great fan of a demon named Kumbhakarna of Hindu Mythology. The thing that really fascinated me was his sleeping pattern cause he used to sleep for six months and remained active for next six. and there's a mountain named Kumbhakarna literally translates to "mountain with shoulders" the same giant demon who after losing an arm and head in the war with god rama, resided there in his last breath. In our Kirat religion, we regard it a sacred holy mountain. So i just took first three letters of his name i.e {K U M} translates to "shoulders" thinking that i would also give my shoulders support to lift swarm against other factions. As for the suffix, it is just a random pick of some meaningless sounds such as aajaaa, juretttt, makaaarooo, Aaluuuu, laatikaroo & finally ended up with Gernnn. So be it, i thought a while and kumgern was a perfect name although didn't have any meaning & I sometimes forgetting the name itself at the initial first few days. and that's it. end of my story P.S. When atlantis was 15 days long battle, i tried to follow Kumbhakarna's habit & i was like live for 15 days and offline till next atlantis. P.P.S. Photo of his statue and the mountain.
  2. Greetings Everyone!!!

    gracias man.
  3. Greetings Everyone!!!

    you must write K U M
  4. Greetings Everyone!!!

    Then this is the right place for me
  5. Greetings Everyone!!!

    thank you guys
  6. Greetings Everyone!!!

    Hello there, how are you all? I'm not new to qonqr game but still freshman in the community forums. I hope to know people soon.