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  1. Highest Rank Points List

    From the first 50 of the Harvest leaderboar: awsomeness 115 Bangles 115 krawl 115 Monev 115 rookie 112 ActionGee 111 Cipher9 111 Murdock 107 slipstream 107 beta 103 bouica 103 WarGhoul 103 WildTurk 103 Anchor 101
  2. 100 Million Bots Destroyed

    Congrats! As you know, I really wanted to be the first to get that original achievement but when the QONQR team changed the target (for the best imo) I just didn't have the energy to keep it up. So what's the new target now?
  3. Unofficial Bot Kill Leader Board

  4. Unofficial Bot Kill Leader Board

    Used to be #1 but I just don't play as much as I used to. Im at: 47,445,516
  5. Milestones

    Congratulations Willie! Looks like you passed me in kills im only at 42m.
  6. 39.7 mil kills, 7406 captures, 5.2 mil qreds and only 12 leads...
  7. Post your total kills

    39.7 million. Have to get to 40! Originally I wanted to reach 100 but I dont think that's gonna happen...
  8. Like the beg message. I'd like the same idea used for switching including enticements to pick weaker sides. That said, apparently, people want to switch to weaker factions so apparently that not needed. I do think -20 is steep.
  9. New Windows Phone Release Submitted

    Yes, I do think losing all your bots AND -20 achievements is too steep. I would never do it for either cost let alone both. I have been in both the underdog and theunstoppable faction. Neither was fun imo and both extremes made it harder to recruit. Having at least 2 but preferably three viable factions makes it more fun. But I agree the playing field will never be level.
  10. Weakness at the Top

    Yes, it would be nice to have more leaderbords. Im partial yo bots killed. :-D. My triple: 7241/5.0mil/34.3mil
  11. New Windows Phone Release Submitted

    Great release Silver. I have to disagree with the esteemed operative McPwn however. I think the situation in Portland is detrimental to the game and having methods to encourage having three competitive faction is very important. I'd say the changes don't go far enough. I'd give in enticements (cubes) to pick a struggling faction. In addition, I'd lower the cost of switching factions and again use that opportunity to encourage leveling the playfield. Top faction leader might require a Qredit payment while a weak one might be paid to defect. On the other hand I do agree with having messages on by default or at least bring it up in the tutorial. I feel that the collaboration with faction mates is what keeps people playing. Hard to do that with no messages.
  12. Q&A on 2-18-2013 Formation Updates

    While I'm not a fan of shockwave and missiles accumulating, But I kinda enjoy the zone attacks as they are now. In the spirit of keeping things simple I'd say leave the bots in the current order and then change HL to only count (and only benefit) the defensive bots.
  13. Q&A on 2-18-2013 Formation Updates

    Use seekers and/or plasma beams to clear the attackers...
  14. Slow Perf

    Same here but azure claims everything is okay. Just too heavy a load?
  15. Slow Perf

    Half of the dashboard at http://www.windowsazure.com/en-us/support/service-dashboard/ was red and yellow yesterday. A number of apps were affected. Silver, mind sharing which services you guys use? I would have expected you to be completely down like wordament but some deployments went thru.