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  1. I think title says everything. Printscreen:https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=499B87EF4622747B!89432&authkey=!AEaLjkIoG_I-cjA&v=3&ithint=photo%2cpng
  2. Hello Qonqr Team, I live in Brazil, so Brazilian Portuguese is my main language, and I have fluency on English. If it's possible and you don't mind I would like to translate the game for free to pt-BR.
  3. Launch Verification Issues

    I had this, just use the Web launch verification that fixes
  4. Screenshot: http://1drv.ms/23DI2UX Device: Redmi 2 prime
  5. When you go to another country too see the top leaders after visiting one, the top leaders didn't update, showing the leaders of another country screenshot link: http://1drv.ms/1ONyRJR
  6. There are some android devices that didn't has Google Play or Google Play Services like the Amazon devices or some roms like ASOP, so a way to get this devices to qonqr would be to provide another ways to download the game.
  7. Link for screenshot: http://1drv.ms/1OFJBtv P.S.: I tried to reinstall the app, but didn't solved. Device: Redmi 2 Pro(prime) Rom: Stock(MIUI 7.1 with Android 4.4.1)
  8. This Happens with me too and it's worst than what's happen with you because I study and live about 100 miles away from my parents home (who I visit almost every weekend) and I have bases in this two locations and when I change to base menu the map go to the mid of nowhere. A way to solve this is to make a option on settings menu that you can choose if you want to center the bases.
  9. The scroll is laggy when I use the rank and medal menu. In the other menus, like player and dispatches, the scrolling is laggy only when it's loading the content, after this the rolling action becomes very smooth, so I think this happens because the game loads the icons and info about the rank and medals when it's on the screen, dumping it after exits from it. Maybe a way to fix this is to dump the data only when you close the menus not when it's off the screen. Device: Redmi 2 pro(prime) Rom: Stock(MIUI 7.1/Android 4.4)
  10. On the new dispatches menu, there's no explanation for which purpose serves the icons. Making hard to guess it's function.
  11. In the base tutorial it show the zone symbol instead of the real base symbol. Screenshots:http://1drv.ms/1nyK1Jn
  12. The box which contains the name of the zone, cuts some part of the text when the zone name is too big. Device: Redmi 2 pro with stock ROM Couldn't upload the image as a attached file, so here's the onedrive link for it: http://1drv.ms/1WsJ3dB
  13. All the colors are the same, making hard to guess which is defense, attack or support on beggining.