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    Lesser Poland Voivodeship // Poland
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    Sci-fi, sometimes Philosophy, Science, Astronomy, Psychology, good movies, games, sport (playing myself not watching on TV), art (also prefer to draw than watch) and other coool stuff. Yeah I'm a busy man :D
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  1. The best Legion and Swarm players

    Depends on who you call "good player". The cuber - one man army who can capture almost any zone in short time? Stacker - who knows how to build up his zones quickly and can withstand anny attack? Maybe offensive styled player who can deal massive amounts of damage and seems to know exactly how to attack? No dings, the "good player" is the one who can support his friends when they need it most. Who can organise precise attack or defense. In some way he even can be called a leader. The battles of old were mostly won not thanks to great armies that battled, but people who lead them. This is the best kind of player you can find - the one who gathers people under one single task. You have to forgive me, I haven't thought I'll write something as poetic.

    What kind of merc? You mean cubers? Can make one too, but it is easier to work with some source material. If you have any ideas for symbol or motto please let me know. Edit: I've heard someone addressing cobers as "merc", but if you simply mean players changing factions, that's fine. I can make one, but what to write, what symbol use? Oh the questions...

    Hello friends! I made a couple wallpapers for all factions, as vector graphic practice (first time ever used it actually). Hope you'll like them. Be warned, though - they have extreme 8k resolution, so you open them at your own risk. I won't be responsible for possible explosion of your computers or phones (or other devices) YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THEM HERE: https://www.dropbox....gamesh.rar?dl=1 Without further delay, here they are: Faceless: Legion: Swarm: Write what you think, any criticism is welcome. Also, if you have any idea on how I can improve them / change colors / etc. PM me please. Maybe I'll answer