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  1. To all the french Swarms

    I have. I've also donated to save the bots. Someone has to save the bots because my qubes get spent to save to keep them safe.
  2. September Atlantis

    Yea even as swarm brought all they had to win Atlantis faceless and legion kept up the fight. Yet swarm gets smashed in this Atlantis and like chumps they tuck tail and walk away. (I thought monsters were the scary ones not the ones who run scared?)
  3. September Atlantis

    Wow, confidence must not be in knowledge of Atlantis since the one faction who one 16-0-0 didn't. It 19...next time pay attention to Atlantis before you chime in your attempt to insult and still pat the backs of the only faction I have seen walk away before its over because that was the only choice you had left.
  4. with nothing else said this post says it all. "my mommy didn't love me, I have no money for food, and why does my daddy touch my sister like that?" Enough of proving to the Qonqr world that you are the prime example why you lost to one player. One faction. It's because you you are better then ranting on the internet about being picked on in said "imaginary bots, within the imaginary zones and on a mobile phone" Your point was made, move on I know everyone else wishes you would.
  5. Memo to Swegion...

    Again with that odd phrase...PC? Dins its Shin he is always PCish in my view. I think it makes a legit statement. Don't be on your knees and you may win. On your knees you will always lose.
  6. The best Legion and Swarm players

    what he said