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  1. Cheaters?

    Peace is a lie, there is only chaos
  2. Question about Damage

    Same day, only difference is I own one zone(I was defending it) they owned the other same bots where being deployed against the same defence
  3. Question about Damage

    I'm attacking the same guy in two different Zones, one Zone im doing 98% , the other im doing 197% to the same formation, why are the damage values different?
  4. Rainy rainy England

    Its the only thing that could reach
  5. Rainy rainy England

    Nope why
  6. Rainy rainy England

    Mansfield, Uk here
  7. Strife from the Swarm

    Pm silver for forum change
  8. Agent Sunday

    Who's Agent Sunday again
  9. Create Base not working

    I reminisce about cigs being cheaper
  10. Qonqr has attacked

    Great work as always
  11. Cheaters?

    Rofl banhammer
  12. Qonqr has attacked

    Still a few minor glitches but its very playable right now
  13. Qonqr has attacked

    Seems to have stopped its assault
  14. Qonqr has attacked

    Sit back and chill but still Im gonna blame Qonqr for this blatant hacking attempt by it