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  1. unban

    Or at least destroy all his bots and demote him.
  2. Atlantis June, 2015

    Lol I love how we always get accused of being cubers when we (Swarm) beat Legion or Faceless at anything.
  3. Respect the color GREEN.

  4. So, I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. When I started playing QONQR, I went with Faceless. Unfortunately, there are practically NO active Faceless members in my area or in Mississippi altogether, pretty much. So that leaves me with 2 choices. Stay where I am and pretty much fight the war by myself, or change factions and actually make friends and have some help. Problem is, I don't know which faction has more active members in Mississippi, Swarm or Legion? Any help would be appreciated..
  5. The Legion must be scared. My inbox always has a *Change Faction* request from them lol.

  6. "All your bases ARE belong to US!"

  7. Hi everyone my name is xSweeTx and I just started playing QONQR yesterday and I was instantly hooked. Well I chose to play as Faceless and everywhere I look is Legion! If your Faceless and you live in the Mississippi area, please contact me and lets team up and take charge!