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  1. Hi everyone my name is xSweeTx and I just started playing QONQR yesterday and I was instantly hooked. Well I chose to play as Faceless and everywhere I look is Legion! If your Faceless and you live in the Mississippi area, please contact me and lets team up and take charge!
  2. unban

    Or at least destroy all his bots and demote him.
  3. Atlantis June, 2015

    Lol I love how we always get accused of being cubers when we (Swarm) beat Legion or Faceless at anything.
  4. So, I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. When I started playing QONQR, I went with Faceless. Unfortunately, there are practically NO active Faceless members in my area or in Mississippi altogether, pretty much. So that leaves me with 2 choices. Stay where I am and pretty much fight the war by myself, or change factions and actually make friends and have some help. Problem is, I don't know which faction has more active members in Mississippi, Swarm or Legion? Any help would be appreciated..
  5. Respect the color GREEN.

  6. The Legion must be scared. My inbox always has a *Change Faction* request from them lol.

  7. "All your bases ARE belong to US!"