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  1. Possible new QONQR companion?

    Sorry if it seems like I was directing this to a member of the Dev team, I was at first but then changed my mind so I copy/pasted it here.
  2. "I just thought of something. You know how QONQR players are called Mobile Operatives? There should be stationary operatives. Stationary Operatives would be based out of desktop computers and they could have a limited range, maybe like 50-60 miles. Their deployments could be mostly defensive, but with some attack (ZA andDPF?). What do you guys think?" My original post on GroupMe. Having a stationary form of QONQR would have it's pros and cons, but I think it would cause QONQR to benefit as a company and a community. Now, know this, I barely know what I'm talking about, so bare with me (I'm 14). Company-wise pros: More revenue, more attention to the game/your company. Company-wise cons: It might take a while to develop a game like that, could hinder the production of BLUE/updates for QONQR, possible scamming(?). Community-wise pros: More player involvement and player incentives (generate qreds?), broader spectrum of players. Community-wise cons: Harder for newer players to start out (maybe), more aggressive playing (i.e. More cubing). Anyway, leader of my local group told me to share it on the forum so I am. If you have any criticism or anything, I'm just a few clicks away. Happy QONQRing. -Bleiz kyranperdue@gmail.com bubguy@hotmail.com
  3. To All Legion members

    could i get an invite??
  4. My First Zone

    ExcuuuUUUUuuse me. The Legion and Faceless in my area are working together to thwart the tyranny of the Swarm.
  5. If you are new to Qonqr and are located in Washington state, contact me on Qonqr.
  6. new faceless member

    Is this on GroupMe? If so, can I get an invite to it?