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  1. Qonqr for the andriod

    Well I sent the email a few days ago and have not got a reply?
  2. I just got a new andriod phone and I can't find qonqr in the app store, so it must not be out yet. Is there a way I can get into the beta?
  3. To all new players.

    Oh, well guess people won't get free cubes.
  4. To all new players.

    To all new players welcome. If you want some free cubes put me as your recruiter, cubes will give you a good headstart in the qonrq world.
  5. New Swarm in No. NV

    Where in NV are you if your near me I can help you out.
  6. New players you can get free cubes in you go to recruiter and put me as your referrer and tell your friends to do the same. Happy hunting
  7. Well how was everyone's 4th? I'll start, I wish I could say I had a good day on qonqr I wish I could have eradicated the faceless pest or the legion tyrant. But in rl it was a good day.
  8. wtf?

  9. wtf?

    So I am qonqring zones today, and it said: "Unable to deploy, comms are jammed"
  10. Now Accepting Android Beta Requests

    Hmm I would but all I have is a windows 8 phone.
  11. And b3nnis has done a great job of holding Ogden, only recapturing 3 of my 20 bases I captured earlier.
  12. I'm already to far swarm don't think I could join legion if I wanted. And did you tell meadsy to put 100k bots on that one zone?
  13. Legion outnumber me 3 to 1. I grow weary of the ongoing fight, with no swarm reinforcements to be seen I still fight but I fear its a loosing cause.
  14. QONQR, here to...arm us?

    I said who, us the swarm.