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  1. United Nations of Qonqr

    in fact, that would be me and another guy from legion, we both have gathered players from the entire country and we try to coordinate our efforts. No swarm here
  2. United Nations of Qonqr

    Now, I'm left wondering if there is someone from Latin America, being more specific, from Brazil, included in the group. We are a big country with some regular players and we all feel that there is something missing on order to attract more players. So representatives from this area might help.
  3. World Cup of Qonqr

    That's a great idea, but I was hoping to see some new players here in Brazil. It appears that no QONQR players have traveled to see the games or they could be busy with something else, what could possibly be better than deploying a few bots....
  4. Put Your Hands Up For Brazil! #Faceless

    Hi Svechinskaya feel free to contact me in the game.

    It is most likely that a teenager would never see that ad, it is probably related to the age in the live id associated to the phone, than any register of browser activity.
  6. Now Accepting Android Beta Requests

    Hi Silver, is it still possible to include more users in the beta test? G+ maianogueira Devices Samsung Nexus S Samsung Galaxy Nexus Samsung Note 1 Samsung Galaxy S4 LG Nexus 4 Motorola Xoom 3G MZ605 umts_everest Verizon Motorola Xoom WiFi MZ601 Thanks Best regards, Mauricio
  7. Now Accepting Android Beta Requests

    I'd like to participate too. My wife has a SII with 2.3 and I have a friend who wants to play with his SIV.
  8. Availability of QONQR in WP Store in Brazil

    Hi Silver, this is great! Thank you! Can you keep this thread updated with the progress of the authorization process? I'd love to write another post announcing the availability for Brazil.
  9. Hi Guys, I'm editor in Chief of the biggest blog about Nokia http://www.nokiatividade.com And I've written about QONQR in our blog and lots of users who are still using WP7 and that aren't interested in changing the WP Store Region to US (due to the 3 Months block in the region changes) would love to see this game available in Brazil, too. One of our readers have collaborated with WP Central and posted this tutorial on how to get the game approved for Brazil http://www.wpcentral.com/brazil-wp-certification-guide Would you take a look in it? And these are the post about QONQR that I've written. http://www.nokiatividade.com/microsoft-e-qonqr-precisam-de-sua-foto-com-um-wp8/ http://www.nokiatividade.com/review-qonqr-um-jogo-geosocial-de-dominacao-do-mundo/ Thanks!