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  1. Wave of hacking (Serious issue)

    @Moonwarden, After 3 months of Qonqr I have a home in this game. I have friends, brother in arms. I won Atlantis once (and made good quedits out of it, thank you all FL for that). So I like the game and I commited yesterday not only to the bot regen but some upgrades too. I figured this: In the old times, I spent 30 to 50$ every so often to get a new game. Why should this change ? No Pb, I have paid 35$ for Qonqr and if Qonqr keeps me busy I'll repay time to time. But now I have in front of me a guy plus a suposed familly who spend more than 1000$/Y. This is not exageration. In a day I saw 100$ burning in nanos & refresh. As a mater of fact my 35$ are nothing compared to this user andhis 20 (rough approx) multis. So what ? I have no chances. Should I contuinue or not ? What is the point ? I'll continue but definitly a cap on cubes would tend toward a fair game. And if the cap does not happen I'll soon be fed up by money replacing strategy, Qubes replacing frendship... Moonwarden, I've made a first step. Will Qonqr progress in this way also?