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  1. New Faceless in Sacramento, CA

    Out in the 916 too! Trying to get a foothold in somewhere! Good luck guys. We should try concentrating out efforts into leveling up! I started 4 days ago I'm at lvl 41! We can do it. The legion has cities north of sac. But if we can get a foot hold in we can push back the tide.
  2. started swarm n switched to faceless xp question

    I'll try it out but his hasn't gone down all day. Mine just seems so low
  3. So I started swarm n after realizing everyone is swarm here, I swapped. But I realized after I swapped my XP after every attack is shittier. My friend I recruited is doing exactly the same as I n he is feetiing double the XP I get. Shockwave I get 10xp n he gets 30xp. Same zone same attack no difference in upgrades. Only thing different is phone platform in on wp8 friends on iPad. Besides the team switch that's it. Any thoughts guys ?