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  1. new faceless member

    Keep going, you might want to join the World qonqr chat, you can surely get more help there. EDIT: The World faceless Chat mind you...
  2. Suggestions:To the devs...

    Jamiec, do you really think multiscoping and ubercubing is desirable for the players?
  3. Suggestions:To the devs...

    And, lastly I feel the cap necessary so ubercubers can't control entire countries, the combined strength of a faction in a region should be able to handle a ubercuber. Yes, I realize that its the income of qonqr at stake, BUT if the game is ruined, then no one will play it.
  4. Suggestions:To the devs...

    Yes jaimiec, I realize that its very common, yes Leigh I know about synclock, what I mean is that the requirement of a separate e-mail for a new account would make the whole process of multiscoping, more complicated & painful...
  5. Suggestions:To the devs...

    Bot decay is in effect, what I suggest here is that a player that has been l away for too long will loose control of his/her bots. That the bots become owned only by the faction, thus removing the player from the leader board. EDIT: Maybe there should be a possibility to regain some, or all of your remaining bots, IF you finally come back.
  6. Hello to players and devs! I thought we might start a suggestion thread, where we, the players give suggestions and ideas, while the devs can give feedback and maybe get an idea of what we want in the game! I'll begin the thread by suggesting that players that go M.I.A lose their bots and the bots become owned only by the faction, slowly deteriorating in shield strength, thus not completely removing their work, but clearing them from the leaderboards and giving space for new players, and for the players faction has time to compensate. I also suggest a cap to refreshes/time to stop ultracubing with a VERY high cap, but still having a cap like 1000 refreshes/day... Multiscoping is a problem for some. Which could be greatly reduced by requiring an e-mail and stopping the same e-mail from being coupled to multiple accounts. Feel free to give your suggestions and thoughts!
  7. News in France

    I'm sorry... In Sweden we have this issue of the scarcity of (active) players. My nearest active player has a zone ~70km away and loves in Switzerland, nearest Swedish player (active) lives in Gothenburg est. about 140km away. And only 2 people in the top 10 in Sweden are active, number one (swarm) is on leave, and the rest are MIA... It's quite lonely up here I Scandinavia, no one is active, Have been playing for 3 weeks and captured nearly all the 40 km circle without ANY active resistance...
  8. What's in a name?

    Old topic, but oh so interesting... So, my current username/gamertag is Iceblade02, simple, i was 7 or 8 got my minecraft account still in alpha btw. Ice sounded cool, espescially an ice blade ( Think i watched mythbusters or something Before) and 02 year of birth 2002. My other gamertag is "Furious Jelly", so, I was at a laan with my sisters friends in senior high, was a lonely person at the to with few friends. We were going to play warcraft:frozen throne,and a gamemode called blood tournanent. So, I really wanted to win, thus Furious. Buut chances where slim, so, something weak... AHA, Jelly! Funnily enough Furious Jelly had a 2 time win streak straight after, that made people remember griphons, as my flyer with 50 health slowly wittled down an army of taurens, the 2nd time! 3d game someone spammed griphons and got them banned. Huh.
  9. So, i live in sweden...

    I don't Think I'll be finding any sort of active resistance in a while. Btw, have you seen me in the leaderboards? And there is a stupidly large amount of zones/inhabited area here in Östergötland...
  10. So, i live in sweden...

    Um, I'm a faceless living in Östergötland, Motala. My city is now free from the scourge of legion and swarm, the righteous Purple are slowly crawling towards Linköping, btw I should soon be hitting Swedish leaderboard, codename "Iceblade02". Fight bravely fellow faceless!
  11. So, i live in sweden...

    Well, 40 km, thats about the edge of the nearest larger city, but in my region, u can't escape the leaderboards, If u have 0<nanobots deployed
  12. Additional Factions

    I have an idea! Faction name: ???? Colour: An unused colour Lore: A militant faction that wants to take advantage of the situation. They are neutral towards QONQR but they want to take control over the World. Please come with name and colour!
  13. Misconceptions about the factions

    Green are happy, as long as they get all the copyrights, them everyone can pay for the info. O rather see the faceless as scientists thinking that humanity isn't ready for all this, yet... I like Purple
  14. Faction colors and their representations

    I'd say that red is for the Royal, angry, dangerous, (roman?) legionaires. While green is for the peaceful naturethinking, growing, gooey swarm. Last but not least is the faceless, thoughtfull, infofocused, arrogant but call and logical. I like purple

    Make some artistic combo of all there symbols maybe?