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  1. September Atlantis

    I beat my dog earlier today, but I'll be honest, I had to call in backup
  2. September Atlantis

    It was fun. Swarm had me scared at first, but it turned into kind of a bullying match between us and legion. Last hour became p obvious which way it was gonna go. Legion rly stepped up their game in the end there, respect.
  3. y the struggle tho?

    We lost Atlantis, but we sure appreciate this new dog park. There's one green straggler, but dont worry, he'll make a nice chew toy GG Legion~
  4. y the struggle tho?

    Listen, Swarm, I realize this USED to be yours, but we've clearly made it known that this is faceless grunt zone section 2. We just need more room, ok? Just give it up and stop the senselessness. Think of the grunts. The faceless grunts.
  5. NYC faceless announcement

    NOOOOOOOO I just started and you're leaving? I need to hook up with fellow facelesses, this guy just took East Flatbush (and probably more I'm out of town and cba to check up).
  6. new faceless nyc

    Been clicking this game for a monthish, managed to capture LES. I want Wall St too, for personal reasons. Also, I don't have access to the faction forum, for whatever reason. My display is the same as my game name.