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  1. McPwn here.

    This thread made me chuckle TY.
  2. Keep Tacoma Faceless!

    Hello from portland, Faceless here in aa reallly red town.
  3. Plus I have 11 Recruits, fawk if only i could keep that ratio up. I just wanted to say hello from Portland!
  4. Today's Cube Exchange Rate is ....

    Wow how fun would friendly wagers be!
  5. I am all for this idea. I joined 11 days ago after a player for legion went to reddit.com/r/portland requesting help that Portland needed help. When I joined I stared as Legion then I looked around the city to see that they own this town. The last location based MMO I played for close to 2 years (Sahdow Cites) was grossly unbalanced most of the time. So I ate my -20 points and switched to Faceless the true challenging team in Oregon. I would love to really have had the option to understand the lay of the land before I joined a team. *edit sorry for the drunken typos, and what not