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    This is a game of war. You believe spying = sneaky = punishment. I believe it is effective warfare and if carried out legitimately deserves recognition, not punishment. I would consider it Legitimate Switching since it is with full knowledge of your goal. As it stands now, players just have to be aware that there is a 120 day window after switching to become a Spy and get your points back then switch back and wait 120 days. Just as there is now a way to become a Mercenary and get all of your point as long as you wait the 120 days between switching again. I understand your viewpoints of taking care of those that felt they had to switch for some reason or another and would like to get their points back for staying with the next faction. I am just pointing out that these negative points awards have valid uses in war and should not always be seen as just a negative to your ID in the long game.

    You don't regain your points though for becoming a spy for a period of time. You lose 20 for switching factions and 20 for switching back. You only regain half of that with this if I am understanding it correctly. Are you not a good faction member if you do this? I see this as a penalty for doing additional for your team/faction. I believe you are already held accountable with the point hit to begin with, the bot loss, and the 60 day restriction on switching back. When I switched to become a spy I took a 6 million bot hit and then another 2 million bot hit when I switched back along with the 40 points for doing it. Also, I do like the 120 days to regain the points that proves you are staying with that faction. Maybe 120 more days to regain the rest? ADD ON After thinking through this as it currently is, the only way to regain the additional 20 point hit for this scenario is to be a spy for 120 days and then make your switch back.

    Thank you guys for this added award, it brought back 20 of my points. I do have a question though, I switched factions to become a spy (for real not to just switch factions) and then returned to my original faction after the 60 days. This gave me a 40 point deduction. Is there going to be anyway to recover the other 20 points? I think you could add a lot of additional strategy to the game if players could regain those points. I was also considering mentioning an option when switching that lets you pick the number of days that you want to be a spy before returning to your original faction which would then switch you back at that specific time and return your award points. As it is now, players lose their bots and 20 points for each switch, so becoming a spy for a period of time ends up a negative for the player. I choose to do it but a lot of other players would never consider it because of losing the award points.