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  1. Version: 2.0.1512.1918 app still crashes on startup really often. In addition, it lost saved credentials, and you have to login again multiple time in a day The red circle near the "letter" icon indicating whe you receive new dispatches appears only after you open the com center (not so useful) when a launch result give lot of information (ie when you capture and become leader of a zone, or in tunnels) there isn't the possibility to scroll the screen to see not visible on screen data sometimes if tap on a zone when zones are still loading, the app crashes (the skull image appears, informing that the problem has been sent) if try to change chatroom "region", it shows "none" as the only option
  2. Quantum tunnelling

    I think this could be a step forward to make things more interesting in those area where one faction has the absolute control. It creates new objectives, and perhaps could help new players to rise where they're alone against many opponents. Tunneling adds nothing, anyway, for rural area players, or in all situations where there's a single player alone. Perhaps something new will arrive also for them
  3. Version: 2.0.1429.1306 crash situation on start up is better. One single time an error shows up () Sometimes after multiple crashes my login credential are wiped out. I must reenter them 3 dispatches (showing me 3 levels I passed time ago) continue to shows up, even if I delete them, each time I open the app Some dispatches seems to do not arrive (the one for a lost zone for example Scope reset shows up two consecutive times very often Toggling button "Monitor chatter in HUD" seems to do nothing In Settings, toggling "music" off setting resets each time app is opened
  4. Version: 2.0.1429.0844 crash situation on start up is even worst than previous version. I have to try loading the app multiple times (sometimes around 10 times). The app just close without any advice all leaderbord start from 2nd place Sometimes app freezes on Atlantis loading tab Faceless Clover in Atlantis tab appear for an half off the screen (scrolling problem) Sometimes on the formations wheel, clicking on a formation does not move the wheel. I can just swipe, but in this way the formation seems to do not load (it always remain the old one). Only work around is tu use te "<" and ">" arrows at the bottom to change formation Sometimes after multiple crashes my login credential are wiped out. I must reenter them Why the tutorial shows up again every time I redo the login?? After a relogin there are 3 dispatches (showing me 3 levels I passed time ago) that continue showing up, even if I delete them Some dispatches seems to do not arrive (the one for a lost zone for example) adding a date and hour in chatroom to messages coul be really useful Scope reset shows up two consecutive times very often
  5. Issues: several crashes each time tha app si launched. Some details: I always close the app tapping twice the back button Sometimes, if I exit the app from the "bases" view, I'm able to open it at the first try. In this cases anyway first thing appear on the screen is the "tap back another time to exit" message with the DISMISS button when I leave the app by tapping twice back, it remain in the list of the "background" apps (the one that appears keep pressing the back button). I think this is a not so clear behaviour on WP apps in general, but that list should contain only the apps I leaved using the windows button When I leave the app tapping twice back, when I launch it again the message on the screen says "Resuming..." (I've an italian OS, so I assume in the english one the message says "resuming", but could be different) If I start the app from scratch (closing it from the background apps screen) it always chrashes from 1 to 3 times before correctly start [*]someone already wrote that, but it seems that launching formations that uses ordnance does not scale their number in the "wheel view" [*]sometimes the scope does not update correctly (this one happens also on the old app), but in these cases seems that also after the first launch the bar is not updated Suggestions: add a visual feedback to ALL hud buttons: with no sounds, on older devices, screens does not appear immediatly, so I'm never sure to have tapped a button. Only the RELAUNCH button has a (useful) visual feedback. A visual effect also when tapping a zone could be really useful why not to implement a double tap selection/launch on a zone in the map view, instead of the auto-select a zone function based on the center of the map? If I need info on a particular zone I could first select it, if I need to launch I can tap again on a selected zone. This could result on a smoother map scrolling (no need to loading zone data on map move) but also a faster and more reliable way to check multiple zone status, without scrolling the map, hoping that the quite-random algortythm selects the zone I'm interested in. The number of the remaining ordnance for formations that needs it in the launch result screen could be useful Formations designs are sometimes too similar between them, it's really hard to remember them please please please PLEASE add again the zone lead count somewhere on the HUD. I really miss it!!! The old app had the possibility to pin to the start screen one or more zones, to quick launch in it if needed. A similar function could be really useful also in the new app Last but not least, the "swipe" screen on relaunch is really really really annoying and appears way too offen (sometimes two times and togheter with the verify screen that has, if I could remember the same purpose?). My online banking account has less security options!!! Ok to avoid robotic harms, but please avoid carpal tunnel syndrome to human ones Hope this will be useful Regards and really good job done!!