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  1. Any qonqr blue news?

    should be a blog post coming out soon to discuss blue and/or game updates planned for fall.
  2. yea dude this idea has been somewhat discussed before, quite a few people checked it out. basically it's "prestigeing" like in CoD. i'm all for it, but i think it could be abused, imagine someone hitting you with multiscopes that are suped up? would suck. =(
  3. he probably means that he was clearing amps over and over and the guy was cubing in amps faster than he could wipe them out. just my 2 cents.
  4. some people use a 2nd scope to clear out their own leftover missiles so that all of a sudden a person's zone plummets and they dunno why, but this doesn't sound like the case at all.
  5. each missile leaves behind roughly 300 bots. so 35k leftover bots means 117 missiles. something's off, I don't see how you took that much damage with a maxed out scope and full galvs. you sure no one cleared some of the missiles before you saw?
  6. http://qommnd.com/ suspened by ICANN

    if qommnd was integrated into the core of the game itself or at least the u.i. so that all players become aware of it and could utilize and/or access it if they wish, then that's fine. qommnd, along with instant alert systems that message users through groupme if their zones are so much as poked by the enemy, along with other variations and tools people have made with the api... you can't say that those don't give you a giant advantage over the other 90% of players that dunno it exists?
  7. http://qommnd.com/ suspened by ICANN

    pew pew. never used it, and i don't feel like i'm missing anything. if the player base ever increases in the rural areas you'll see what i mean. no time for qommnd with so many locals keeping you on your toes.
  8. Best Kill Ratio

    i think there was someone last year that fully amped a zone and added some defense as a buffer, made a level 1 alt and shockwaved it up to 40 or 50k with no upgrades, then killed most of it with 1 missile. was the highest i ever saw.
  9. Ypres peace

    i'd send an email to support@qonqr.com
  10. **Contest** Qonqr in the new year!

    in the spirit of the holidays... oh wait this is Qonqr... so... kill 'em all! i'll play, but my goal is to best gmenman. maybe i can use a sick day so i can play competitively... *cough cough* cheers
  11. Pyongyang: My Atlantis Nomination

    ehhh i think the lines between real life and qonqr are blurred enough without adding politics into the mix... ...wouldn't want Qonqr's servers getting DDoS'ed to death either...
  12. What's in a name?

    omg... santa! i found you at last!!!
  13. New to Faceless

    psh, he's legion now. but mistakes can be fixed before he turns 100.
  14. New to Faceless

    Welcome to the game.