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  1. Any qonqr blue news?

    should be a blog post coming out soon to discuss blue and/or game updates planned for fall.
  2. yea dude this idea has been somewhat discussed before, quite a few people checked it out. basically it's "prestigeing" like in CoD. i'm all for it, but i think it could be abused, imagine someone hitting you with multiscopes that are suped up? would suck. =(
  3. i see so many of you guys loving the nokias, but with only a 3.5% market share in the mobile OS scene I don't know if it's worth it to dump my catalog of iOS content and join the party. maybe i need to set android and iOS Qonqr mindset and open up to the world of tiles and 8bit bot action... but everytime I walk past the microsoft store at our local galleria mall with all its gimmicky kinects and blatantly identical Apple Store setup I can't bear to step inside to look at the phone and even if i try i gotta walk through a see of kids touching everything... so i don't. am i missing out? and at verizon experience stores nearby they basically laugh if you say "how do you like WP?" *shrugs* is MS ever going to put out a "flagship" type device? their whole number system is utterly confusing for someone looking to find the best phone they offer. like i know when i bought an iphone 4, i had a solid phone til the 5, which has been great and i know once the 6 comes out, i'm set for 2 more years. i seem to see incremental lumia and samsung galaxies almost quarterly, it's kinda off putting. thoughts?
  4. he probably means that he was clearing amps over and over and the guy was cubing in amps faster than he could wipe them out. just my 2 cents.
  5. some people use a 2nd scope to clear out their own leftover missiles so that all of a sudden a person's zone plummets and they dunno why, but this doesn't sound like the case at all.
  6. each missile leaves behind roughly 300 bots. so 35k leftover bots means 117 missiles. something's off, I don't see how you took that much damage with a maxed out scope and full galvs. you sure no one cleared some of the missiles before you saw?
  7. http://qommnd.com/ suspened by ICANN

    if qommnd was integrated into the core of the game itself or at least the u.i. so that all players become aware of it and could utilize and/or access it if they wish, then that's fine. qommnd, along with instant alert systems that message users through groupme if their zones are so much as poked by the enemy, along with other variations and tools people have made with the api... you can't say that those don't give you a giant advantage over the other 90% of players that dunno it exists?
  8. http://qommnd.com/ suspened by ICANN

    pew pew. never used it, and i don't feel like i'm missing anything. if the player base ever increases in the rural areas you'll see what i mean. no time for qommnd with so many locals keeping you on your toes.
  9. Best Kill Ratio

    i think there was someone last year that fully amped a zone and added some defense as a buffer, made a level 1 alt and shockwaved it up to 40 or 50k with no upgrades, then killed most of it with 1 missile. was the highest i ever saw.
  10. Ypres peace

    i'd send an email to support@qonqr.com
  11. **Contest** Qonqr in the new year!

    in the spirit of the holidays... oh wait this is Qonqr... so... kill 'em all! i'll play, but my goal is to best gmenman. maybe i can use a sick day so i can play competitively... *cough cough* cheers
  12. Pyongyang: My Atlantis Nomination

    ehhh i think the lines between real life and qonqr are blurred enough without adding politics into the mix... ...wouldn't want Qonqr's servers getting DDoS'ed to death either...
  13. What's in a name?

    omg... santa! i found you at last!!!
  14. New to Faceless

    psh, he's legion now. but mistakes can be fixed before he turns 100.
  15. New to Faceless

    Welcome to the game.
  16. What's in a name?

    reference to "undead"?
  17. What's in a name?

    Always liked the name Kirra ever since I went into PacSun as a kid and got surfing gear. Plus all the Kirra apparel for guys at the time had hot surfer girl graphics on the back and the board shorts with leis were nice and baggy. Over the years movies like Push and animes like Death Note made the name Kira more popular, but that translation means "killer" in japanese. Kirra is japanese means sunlight, which was an unintended bonus to my love of the beach and waves. However, where qonqr is concerned, i'm more than happy to drop one of my "r"s and destroy some bots. Cheers.
  18. Faction forums

    http://community.qonqr.com/index.php?/forum/14-faceless-forum/ Is our link, but honestly no one really uses it. There are lots of different GroupMe chat app groups that we used to communicate in though.
  19. Send an in game message to gmenman or BetterThanRiley and they'll help put you in contact with legion that can help you and also find a legion groupme chat channel suitable for your area. It's fun being the underdog.
  20. Cheater

    Just cuz he's playing on a jailbroken phone doesn't mean he's cheating. Maybe he likes playing gameboy color and ps1 emulators after his bot tank is in overheat level 3.
  21. stacking order ?

    it happens friend, a lot of people start the game and try to stack towers with even numbers of the four main bot types. a good ratio though is 20% ZA and 80% deflect, and maybe 1 seeker deployment. some players specifically "seeker hunt" for easy kills, so keep that in mind.
  22. Little question

    most of the military and defense contractors in MD/DC/VA are all faceless =)
  23. No Limit Cubing, is it fair?

    leigh brings up a good point. some people like killing, some people like building, but the game only caters to the attack group ever since absorbers got nerfed by 50%. it's a thing people forget, but the game should cater to many different play styles, just sayin'.