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  1. For those interested, the Faceless held a meetup in Seattle. We managed to get 12 players total to the meet up and with the help of those that couldn't attend managed to take down a 3 million bot zone in about 4+ hours. Here's the story and photos: http://thelamarrs.com/post/78302744475/qonqr-meetup-faceless-at-hifi-brewing LG
  2. Silver in Seattle, WA Sept 19, 2013

    This is a day late and a dollar short but... Here's a link to the photos from the meet up. :-) http://thelamarrs.com/post/61908041215/first-qonqr-meet-up-the-spot-off-main LG
  3. New ToS and Bans

    Did this happen today or was it sometime in the past? This is not my account by the way but one of our top 5.
  4. New ToS and Bans

    Any players out there hear of any bans today? We have a report of one (faceless) today in the Washington BG. We're still trying to sort out the details. All their bots are still fully deployed but they get a "Device is Banned" message when trying to log in. LastGasp
  5. How do we have Admin's check a player?

    That gain was also after they took out a 1.1 million base at that gateway. They had a bit of help but the total for other players was about 100k. So they must have gone through a lot of bots just to take us down then there was the boost by 449k on top of that. I get spending cash but geeze.
  6. I have questions about a player boosting a gateway by 449k within 24 hours. Either it's a hack/cheat or they are buying Qredits. I cannot imagine a legitimate way to do that in 24 hours. How do I report this?