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  1. Props to East Coast Legion

  2. Attention Qonqr Agents

    Actually tewks I'm not, I'm a very well informed player who knew you were actually the second one on the suspect list. Monk even said it himself that it wasn't you that directly informed him, but you knew of it. And you watched us fail as she knew we were coming and you put up minimal support like the p wan you are to the 4th. Your days with legion are done as far as we are concerned just go join your fellow swarm in battle. Everyone knows where your loyalties lie. Keyword lie
  3. Attention Qonqr Agents

    Yea mtewks wonder why you haven't been invited back to any chat threads? Just go flip to another faction the northeast doesn't need traitorous ops like you. I was there when you exposed us on the flower op. Watched you squirm like the worm you are as she put up 100k of absorbers in 20minutes
  4. Attention Qonqr Agents

    Dude you guys really should stop union the color racist hyperbole. Really never know who actually is offended by that
  5. Attention Qonqr Agents

    C'mon can't say all "front pieces on a chessboard" with the filter
  6. Attention Qonqr Agents

    I'm sorry you guys have all drank the koolaid dont even realize youre a **** in a lot darker operation. Including you redsting who I believe is somewhat doing what you believe in. But I think you should address redlightning and the true nature of the fourth. C'mon just be up front it's all out in the open now
  7. Attention Qonqr Agents

    C'mon r3d throw your loyal supporter some info, stop comparentalizing everything. Be up front, with them. Let it all come out and stand up for what you believe in.
  8. Attention Qonqr Agents

    Have your 21 zones the easy way, just know I fought hard for mine and I wouldn't have it any other way.
  9. Attention Qonqr Agents

    The elitist and traitorous nature of the so-called fourth faction really unnerves me. Operatives trading information between each other and superseding their own factions really destroys the whole nature of the game of qonqr. Well the policing of cheaters multiscopes and otherwise may be a noble idea, who decides when the evidence always isn't so obvious? I'll tell you what though, I've been watching your group for long time and know what the op is fpr today. The target today is rookie, is he acheater or just someone you noble "knights" deemed deadweight among your faction. That being said this "21 bases for all" idea as noble as it sounds reminds me of a similar idea proposed in Russia a few decades ago. Sadly you know what they say about absolute power. It does corrupt absolutely. So who is the leader of the so called knights? You? Monk? Who gets to become the Stalinist dictator of your police faction motivated by their own goals. *Side note fourth members that are reading this, monk is very much involved in group decisions but as usual wont man up and put his name on it. Even goes as far as spying on your main chat group through and alias to monitor you.* It's so funny how you throw hyperboles about the "bully group CT Legion" into the chat for a talking point. You very well know that when CT was green and monk tried to cut us an impossible deal to hold the majority of the state no one complained on the forums. But this is now, and I have been here since the beginning of the legions rise to power in Ct. The very tactics you guys deplore publicly are the ones that kept CT green for so long. Monk will never admit it now and hides on the shadows, but I clawed tooth and nail against him for months as a new player. Before CJ, tio and the others joined. We used a great strategy against him one that MacArthur used in the Korean War to sandwich and finally end the swarm control. But such is the ebb and flow of empires, and I'm sure others will rise as legion falls. I hope people realize the true nature and goals to your wonderful knights, and know that they are betrayer their brothers in arms on the highest level. I'd suggest forming a multifactional group to hunt you all down, but hey then I'd be just as bad as you.
  10. Game Breaking Success

    Oh boy, sorry F3n15 for not inviting you peacefully into the state for some real estate shopping. Im sorry new blood that monk will seriously not embrace new players and or help them (unless they start as another faction). Its rough I know, this state was green when I started. But we used tenacity and above all communication to overtake monk and his empire, and it took a lonnng time trust me. Its just the way of the world, recruit organize and bring it on, we'd do the same to you. Forstle seemed to have a great vacation in CT, I'd suggest getting some tips from him as he certainly was a huge pain when here. It was the first time in months I had seen swarm actually acting as a unit. Finally, Miraun don't be a sore loser because we tore you down a few pegs. You oppressed and demoralized plenty of legion players in our tri state area that reached out to us for support. I hate when the pot calls the kettle black. Its a game, and we are better because we work together. To think I could rally about 30 ops to drop nanos on your area in about an hour is a great feeling. Embrace the social aspect and you'll succeed.
  11. I can remain silent no longer...

    Haha cmon I'm not that vain to use my own name. But I look forward to seeing you in a few months bud!
  12. I can remain silent no longer...

    Dig this flower: http://s20.postimg.org/mu4zwekr1/2013_06_08_22_20_29_copy.jpg Come and get it...
  13. I can remain silent no longer...

    It saddens me you have to "go public" with this to feel better. PR stunt to gain support or just venting your frustration after the recent events, we will never know. This is a war monk, we are a unit and your CT swarm are a bunch of guerrilla terrorists. Every morning (because you guys don't sleep either) we clear our various zones that your regional cells have taken overnight. You cannot call us bullies because you have a bunch of cocky unruly children in your ranks, who don't see the big picture. Our cohesion makes us strong, your dishonorable tactics make you a bully. Launching a full scale operation on the shore is a perfect example. What was your reason for that? Oh yea, a new legion member had pooped up and you were going to flip him or make him quit; he was level 12! It's ok though hes now a level 100 sergeant who is a legitamate shoreline threat. Precicely why we took him in so early and blew through so many resources to fight you and your fellow swarm off. Don't even get me started on that ceasefire pact with the faceless either. Clearly your animosity is with legion, and it clouds your judgement. I feel like you CT swarm should all commiserate though, all they do is message me about how we are a bunch of cheaters who buy wins. Guess what though, we don't have to, we don't have questionable morals like all those multiscoping turn coats. Man imagine what we could do if we did? Think you'd only lose 1 million bots a night? Cut your losses and quit complaining to the public, they can't give you those bots back. Also tell therealiguanadon he may want to consider changing his name, well any of those fake profile stealing ****. How fast do you think we could reduce his bot count to zero? I only bet it would take a couple hours
  14. CT legion Apologizes to LonelyWolf

    You swarm and your deceitful propaganda.
  15. CT legion Apologizes to LonelyWolf

    We are so sorry...