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  1. About Multis and a possible new rule

    You're not going to like this, but In my opinion, someone who drops $500 on this game deserves an advantage. Is it unfair that they have more scopes than you? Not really...I mean you only have to buy 1 smartphone...they have to buy 5!! Then they have to spend $100 on each phone to get them elite. This game is about making money. The multiscoper that doesnt buy cubes is easily synclocked and his multis are practically unusable so that shouldnt even be an issue and if he does get synclocked everyday, eventually he will either quit or pay money and money is the name of the game for the Devs.
  2. Not true. I've noticed that multiscopers also cube and I know at least 1 multiscoper who is also a megacuber at that. It actually works like this...Multiscopers make cubers spend more money...and people who spend more money then can't be beaten unless they spend more or get more scopes which then causes the original cubers to buy more cubes.
  3. This seems to be a hot topic with some people, but searching these forums I can't really find anything definitive about multiscoping as a search just brings up old topics from before the synclock was in game. So, I understand that having a scope and deleting the app and entering a new name/password into the same phone is straight out not allowed and a bannable offense. But since sync-lock came out, is multiscoping allowed as long as someone has different devices? I understand that if someone just says they have a wife and 10 kids, that pretty much ends the conversation, but I would just like to know if the lone players who admit they are alone with 10 scopes (or 2 scopes for that matter) can be banned.