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  1. No Limit Cubing, is it fair?

    That's ok Kirra. Just imagine an exceptional piece of writing and it'll have been a bit like that.
  2. No Limit Cubing, is it fair?

    On the topic of fairness of 'No Limit Cubing' per this topic, I do agree that unlimited cubing is unfair - it gives an advantage to one player. Any cubing gives advantage to the player cubing, more cubes is just more advantage. However, in the perspective of the game, there are a lot of unfairnesses - that is conditions where one player has that the other player does not. For instance: - a single player cannot beat two players who team against them - should that be unfair and disallowed. - a single player cannot beat a multiscoper even when sync locked - that is discussed in many places and has been addressed, but is still unfair. - a new player cannot beat an experienced higher level player, and I remember when I started and Legion had a total dominance in the UK, with most faceless and swarm players only willing to hit each other in my area. The consequences of hitting Legion brought out uksjd and would result in the disputed zone being taken and stacked beyond the dreams of my ability at the time. - someone who has work commitments and cannot deploy during certain times of day clearly has a disadvantage against those with different personal circumstances, surely that must be unfair? - and more on time, if you go to sleep you can't deploy when another player may stay up later or wake up earlier, another imbalance. - if one player has been able to develop more effective deployment tactics, either from experience or an ability to do the maths better based on having a better education, really, how can that be fair? If it was a level playing field, then no one could beat anyone and the game would be pointless. Raising the question of the pointlessness of the game and that playing against faceless and DA as the evil 'overcubing' face of the faceless, is destroying the game for everyone else, I'll make some observations that paint an alternate picture. - The England and UK Leaderboard is not overwhelmed by DA - he isn't even top currently and certainly does not have the absolute dominance that uksjd plus other Legion had at the time I started playing. - In London, when there is a battle, I will agree that faceless are currently more likely than not to win - however, there are many faceless players who tend to take part in these operations, not just DA - London is not dominated by faceless, overall there are many zones controlled by both of the other factions - In my area to the west of London, over a 6 month period between February and July I lost about a dozen zones with only myself and one or two other much less active local players and occasional larger scale support - this was to a consistent attack from a greater number of Legion and even with some cubing I was only able to resist for so long - at times some of my defenses resulted in zones being in the top 10 for near a fortnight, but I wasn't able to win a single contested zone for several months. To be honest, I had an easy time of it before then, and, although I went on a 6 month consistent losing streak it gave the game more focus for me and turned me into a significantly more active and interested player. - I recently travelled to Birmingham for a few days and can confirm that 100% of the zones in that city and for a significant distance around it are Legion controlled. There certainly seemed to be no desire from Legion to allow anything to change that scenario, as attacking zones there resulted in a multi player co-ordinated attack on my normal area, but there is no outcry about the fact that Legion have a complete stranglehold on England's second city. This all brings me to a final couple of observations. Do I want to win? Yes. Is it demoralising to have a long run of consistently losing? Yes. Do I imagine anyone else feels any different? No. When I started, uksjd was an untouchable. No one dared attack him because he and his team were swift and devastating in his response - maybe he used cubes, I have no idea. The game has moved on, I don't know if he'd be half as effective now if he was still playing, but it was him who quit, I am guessing he got bored and just left. Ironically, that was directly before Faceless started building a team rather than just being individuals and then Swarm and Faceless agreed to work together for a while and break the Legion dominance in England. Maybe ukintel who was around at that time could shed a little more light on the history and reflect on what it was like then when they had the biggest boots in town and weren't afraid to use them? But, did it last? No it didn't. Things changed and Legion are no longer the controllers of everything they feel like controlling. They are no longer the ones who can win any zone they feel like taking and they are no longer able to intimidate anyone who dares to attack a zone they control. There are always winners and losers and there is always going to be one faction or another with greater power in an area which may last for a shorter or longer period of time. Can there be improvements, of course there can, but the game is actually a level playing field insofar as everyone has the options to play longer, harder, purchase and use cubes, multiscope or have family members play, recruit more local members, move to live closer or further away from people the like/dislike, change factions etc... Does this mean the current powerful players/factions will always be the same? No, it doesn't. Does it mean that anyone who doesn't get to win for a period of time will give up or never be able to win in the future? No, it doesn't. And finally, did I see a general wailing and gnashing of teeth at the unfairness of it all when Legion were the dominant force? No, I didn't.
  3. No Limit Cubing, is it fair?

    For the record, Maelstrom and I are both real and separate people - as I'm sure you do know. Similarly, I'm sure you also know that Rep and his family are separate people just as I actually do believe that LT and Maj Smash are not the same person, despite being able to sync lock them on a significant proportion of the time when they are both active.
  4. Swarm UK Logo

    Looks a bit 'green' to me. Maybe add a touch more purple ...
  5. Monopoly

    Ah, but you can't see the tube map on there - we got the whole of the underground
  6. Faceless//UK//Maelstrom

    Hi all to UK Faceless. 'bout time I joined this forum.