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  1. Holy impossible stacking, Batman! 

    112 as in 112 launches, multiply that by the 1250 per launch and you get 141k bots. Depending on badge acquisition you could use those timestamps to see roughly how many bot kills are occurring per day. At a very attainable 1500 bot kills per launch (this number picked because it is what I averaged yesterday) you could do 112 launches of deflection per day, then 200 launches of attacking formations to end up getting +12.4 million bots in the leaderboards over 88 days as well as 26.4 million bot kills without the use of a single cube. If you're fortunate enough to find any large stacks of seekers and/or shockwave then you can push that even higher. Of course, as you said, that would still be an immense number, and very few players would be approaching it, but it's still certainly achievable. I imagine that soupist would be averaging very close to those numbers, maybe even slightly higher, as long as you factor in Atlantis.
  2. Holy impossible stacking, Batman! 

    12.4 million bots in 88 days is only 112 Deflection per day on average. Active players can quite consistently sit at about triple that. It's not that huge of an amount.
  3. Congratulations to Devangel on continuing the Faceless tradition of being utterly garbage at this game and paying to lose. Thanks for denying all of your teammates any hope of getting some qredits to use this month.