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  1. (MULTI-account hacker) in Poland!!

    ****.. My Bad.. They are not hackers Just they reached Level 100 after developed awards Just sorry.. I think just close this topic pls.. Im fool
  2. (MULTI-account hacker) in Poland!!

    And more.. These accounts sending me pm and they are raging like What a fkin kid (...)
  3. (MULTI-account hacker) in Poland!!

    Bro.. Just in awards Reached Level 10 (2013-11-08) And reached Level 100 (2013-11-08) And i forget.. Some New accounts what i finded is not created in this Time but few days later and in this same day they too reached Level 100 like... (2013-11-12)
  4. (MULTI-account hacker) in Poland!!

    Bro... I sended Message to this email 2 times
  5. (MULTI-account hacker) in Poland!!

    Alright but how doyou explain this he leveled up every his account in level 100 this same day 2013-11-08? And yes you're right... I will uninstall this game because there are so many cheaters And i reported this yesterday to the support 2 times..
  6. hi... First forgive me for my bad english thanks So.. There is a hacker in poland.. Not just multiaccounter this is ultimate multi-account hacker Every his account achieved level 10 and level 100 in this same day.. Its 2013-11-08 Every his account is in the top 50 country and he is playing every faction. His nicknames (i dont know thats all but there's some..) -Sandinista (legion)(lvl 148) -OldSkull (swarm) (lvl 150) -kannarek (faceless) (lvl 146) -Jerremy_Klotz (legion) (148) -LordSzostej (faceless) (100) -Leszu (swarm) (148) -Bartek (swarm) (100) -Dagon (legion) (100) -Kujek (faceless) (136) -tuskenmauer (legion) (124) -Mirec (faceless) (100) -drd (legion) (119) (im writing with him in private messages..) -Kasia (legion) (151) All right.. Thats all what i know... Theres 13 accounts what achieved level 10 and level 100 in this same day!! (2013-11-08) please do something.. Ban him i think this what i writed here is enough for ban for him Poland needs your help We want play this game Please check it out