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  1. Multiple Reports from Groupme

    More reports came in:
  2. Qonqr is better when played casually

    From my point of view that's pretty much the definition of mobile gaming: Casual. That's not a bad thing though.
  3. Hey there, a lot of people i play with don't have a forum accounts available, so i am forwarding their reports. I will try to filter out anything that is allready on the bugboard.
  4. Haiku Thread!

    The weather is good The sun is shining so nice I am drinking beer
  5. Possible new QONQR companion?

    I'd actually like to be able to play qonqr from my desktop PC. But i understand the complications. I could imagine a system similiar to the whatsapp web client. It would still need to have your phone online and your position would be determined by your phone, but you could order launches from your PC. However, this would open up to abuse like leaving your phone at a certain location and then play at your PC at home, so there would need to be a system to prevent that like having to "log in" via QR Code once an hour or something like that. It's not a super important thing, but sometimes i feel not so comfortable to constantly pick up my phone all the time, even at home - maybe the wrong mindset for the game
  6. I was going to post a picture of a salt container and ask you to put your salt in there as there was plenty of room inside, but then i realised that i was kind of salty myself so... Yep, that could be an option but to be honest: i allready tried that and was going to target that multiscoper only and have fair fights with other people but it prooved to be super impractical because i only got one SIM card and it's just to time consuming to fire up the hot spot on my main phone besides that i want to keep this as a game, not my next serious bizznizz. So... yaddayaddarabblerabble GIMME MUCH STRONK WEAPONS ON SHORT RANGE rabblerabbleyaddayadda
  7. From what i understand you mixed up the OP's idea and mine or i got you wrong completly. By adding a very short ranged weapon you make your geophysical location more important. Limiting attack power at range A LITTLE BIT at the same time creates niches for new players to start as they could have a somewhat easier time to caputre zones arround their homebase. Right now my location doesn't really matter to me, i just have my phone with me and i throw ZAs and SWs at zones above villages i never even heard of. If I had a tool / weapon at extreme short range i might actually grab my phone, swing on my bike and get arround to attack locations close to me - i would activeley play the game, right now it's just something i do besides to pass some time - not saying it's not fun here The point is: I started in a region heavily dominated by a certain swarm guy and his "brother". Could be his brother but the third account must be their hamster or something like that and the two brothers never seem to play without the otherone being very close... Wherever i managed to capture something they blew it to **** in a matter of minutes and boosted it to 100% Shield and Amp to make sure i'll never - NEVER be able to take it without massive nano support - which is ok, it's part of the game, the problem is being the only local you won't be able to build a beachhead against a whole "family" playing against you. So i changed playstyle. I don't give a rat's behindpart about building up anything. Scattered my bases arround the globe when i was on vacation in remote areas on some asian islands And do nothing else but to force those guys to fight me instead of supporting their friends. Yes, a "bomb" with a max range of 5 km would extremely favour my current playstyle on the other hand it would give me a chance to actually harm them or take a small enclave for me and actually take part in the stacking race which seems to be the number 1 thing of the game with leaderboards ingame showing botcount, not kills.
  8. deutscher Spamthread

  9. I am not sure why you mention this because my suggestions would make this part of he game even more important.
  10. As a relatively new player for faceless in a region dominated by swarm i can understand the OP. However, judging from the numbers i see here on a regular basis i think you are asking a bit much. My idea would be the opposite approach. Why not add a weapon with extremely short range, let's say like 5km that acts like a bomb and make it much stronk? That would add some serious home advantage. Or alternativley make attack formations lose power over range (exclude nanos and plasma). Maybe something like that would allow newcomers to at least get a foothold in their homezones. It's just an idea, maybe i overlooked something?