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    TimothyOn reacted to LoH_Chimera in Gaining a Foothold   
    I'm going to have to word things very carefully in the future. Apparently, I have to get quite specific around you.
    Legion and Swarm are groups of people, but are not representative of ALL people. The use of "People" was a colloqualism, I could have just as easily said "Some people," "Everyone," "They," etc, etc,. I can write a formal post in APA or MLA in the future. Maybe I'll even throw in a Venn diagram. I cannot speak for all people as I'm not omniscient, nor do I have the authority to do so, and so I will stop assuming people will not take everything literally.
    Saying all that, I think you're cool. I think the game is cool. I'll even grant it to Faceless by extension.
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    TimothyOn reacted to DrStraynge in Gaining a Foothold   
    Don't cave to anyone asking you to join to get a foot hold. Reach out to the top players in your area, coordinate some attacks and then take something for yourself. That's what I had to do to get going in my area.
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    TimothyOn reacted to Acruxionus in Gaining a Foothold   
    What, IN THE !@#$ WAS THAT ALL ABOUT?!