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  1. Getting ready to waste my time!

    Wut, go to eharmony for that.

    What if there was a qredit award with acheiving rank points, since rank points don't do anything? Nothing outrageous.Unless there is a plan for the rank points?
  3. Has QONQR Become "Pay-to-Win"?

    Please try to keep personal vendettas out of this. Start another thread. @Fen I like the idea of refreshes being on a cooldown of their own. I think thats a good compromise it a start at the least.
  4. Has QONQR Become "Pay-to-Win"?

    Please try to keep personal vendettas out of this. Start another thread. @Fen I like the idea of refreshes being on a cooldown of their own
  5. Has QONQR Become "Pay-to-Win"?

    I like that idea of bases being versatile or even have "ZoI" or zones or interest that lend perks where having a base in this zone or controlling the zone gives +5% shields to your bots and having a max stackable amount on those types of zones say 20% max shield boost have them refresh monthly? I think the logical issue with limiting the bot refreshes is creating a way to replenish lost income for the devs?
  6. Has QONQR Become "Pay-to-Win"?

    If you have not seen money all it is a great explanation of the disparity in MLB. (if you love sports, finance, stats this is a perfect movie for you). 2. I like the idea of adding a new bot type, maybe something that works like Hardened Lattices for offense. 3. Shaking things up a bit making minor tweaks to effectiveness without changing the rock paper scissors element entirely. 4. On the topic of bot decay what it if it was on a small percent of the total say .5% of the total if bots aren't added or deducted for a month. Players inactive for three months lose 10% 4th month 25% of the remaining. 5th 50%, 6th 100% of all bots removed, this would help cleaning the leaderboards of inactives. And provide areas for new players to grow, I would also be fine with these number of month being cut in half, personally I dislike the idea of bots "dying" from active players UNLESS the zone is over a set limit say 1 Million, 3 Million then that zone goes into overload and then bots will decay .01-.05% from each player.
  7. Has QONQR Become "Pay-to-Win"?

    Wow, just read all of this. Long story short, I want this game to grow, we all see the potential that this game has, with the size of staff it will take awhile and money being used efficiently is the only true way to speed up things. I like fenroars more recent post but I also see how that could backfire financially, if you cut it from 4 to 1 I think a lit of the big spenders would stop playing altogether or spend less due to the refreshes. To use an already successful game model as a reference, LoL(League of Legends) they make minor changes weekly mainly bi-weekly and as they create major problems fix those asap. I would say start making minor changes and try to make monthly updates. Shake the game up a bit and announce what the changes you will be making are as LoL does or lets the players figure it out on their own. LoL makes extreme changes at the end of each season(yearly) and basically change the game into something you have to relearn and takes time to figure what works in the new system. I understand the dev team may not be large enough to do this as LoL has hundreds of employees, and is a 100M+/year game with 20M+ active players. If changes are to be made make them minor in the offset, collect feedback, make more minor changes....im rambling, you get it. I agree there needs to be an added element, 9 months of playing it, it is starting to get monotonous. I have seen all diff kinds of players, all the diff variations of bot vs bot, Almost of us could teach a player everything us that is most efficient on each scenario, experience and teamwork defines when to employ the expensive bots. Suggestions: 1. If a reset was implemented. Come up with a formula to reward players for zone leads, zone caps, bot count, bots killed and all those stats that show loyalty to the game and give players a breakdown that appears on their screen of why/what they were awarded at the time of reset as a thank you. Many of us that would even feel a reset necessary, would feel, unappreciated, if they weren't given something in return. To be continued....
  8. A public apology to MetalChic23

    Well that was a good daily dose of drama and repeating apologies to one another, well said you all.
  9. Scope Overheating Issues

    A lot of times when I harvest it pushes me to the next level of overheat, I know all the well the 2 3 4 rhythm to the diff level of overheat.
  10. Check your wire messaging option

    I have the same issue messages and in game notifications not staying after I turn them on.
  11. Hello world!

    I'm well aware of everyone's favorite unconventional flying man albeit by catapult, trebuchet, trampoline, springboard. What inventive ways will he think of next? Daftmidairteleportation? That's a good long one.
  12. Decency..it's not just for outside the game.

    I'm gonna stick with massoon, I like the way it sounds better, and here in the south, the fewer syllables the better. Lolz
  13. Hello world!

    And some call the Faceless a cult? Pffff
  14. Improvement's for players in low zone areas

    What if people that border water had extended ranges instead of zones in the water?
  15. Ranks and Awards

    I know someone that went hardcore with the recruiting using blogs, social media, he said about 6 of the 119 were people he actually knew.