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  1. The "multi"-state paradox

    Hi I had quite the same thinking. But more of this I don't understand why paying! Where is the fun? Would you pay also to ride you bicycle faster? Hey it's just a game!!!
  2. I like this! It's great Silver, thank you!
  3. problem with a player

    thanks to all of you. No it's not Paris and of course we already tried to remind hil that it's just a game!!! ok we'll send an email to the support. Have a nice day
  4. problem with a player

    Hi there! One of my faction collegue has a problem with another player. He doesn't understand that it is th game to try qonqr some zone and he sent very often som insults by the wire! How can we report that sad attitude, and who can try to calm down the situation? Thank you
  5. Milestones

    Industrialist today! Master sergant looks not so far as before! Next target annihilator
  6. Milestones

    Sergent First Class today!
  7. Milestones

    I've entered the top 10 world leaderbot!
  8. Messaging Turned On By Default

    This is a nice thing, Thank you
  9. Is QONQR being scammed?

    Hi Silver, didn't see your post before and hoping it's not too late to answer. I have a WP7.8 (lumia 800) and supplied by Orange. I don't buy apps very often but in these occasional cases I had two experiences. One was that the payment via the windows market went on my phone bill. the other one i've paid by credit card. Regarding credit card I can say that here in France there is a lot of people having a credit card and it's now the main way to pay.
  10. Windows 8 Command Center

    I didn't know this, for me it is like speaking chinese.
  11. Too many zones?

    Yes you saw that? I was very surprised.
  12. Too many zones?

    There is a small island between France and England with an amazing number oz zones. Maybe they look after the birds, not the people to generate so many zones
  13. Windows 8 Command Center

    I hope one day we'll have the full game on w8 computers. It'd be fantastic!!!
  14. A new faceless / reborn

    Hello! Nice to see you!
  15. new facelass in northeastern michigan

    Wellcome !