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  1. New Feature - Sync Lock

    It's intended purpose is to stop multiscopers, not punish people who live together. You're not using it for it's purpose, you're taking advantage of an unintended (though known) side effect.
  2. New Feature - Sync Lock

    I'm sorry. I didn't mean to trivialize anyone's feelings. Just asking people to approach this calmly and rationally. Lots of people are freaking out about very hypothetical situations and claiming those situations have completely destroyed the game. I'm just asking for some calm. And locking people you know aren't multicoping sucks. I get it's part of the new strategy, but it's bush league.
  3. New Feature - Sync Lock

    Take a deep breath. Think about the reality of how this thing will work. Realize it probably will not really impact you directly. Take another deep breath. Things will be okay.
  4. Hot off the Presses....from the Desk of PF

    This is the best and worst thing I've read all week. I am both heartened and enraged by it. I think you are both genius and fool. Good luck, and go to ****. Seriously though, this made me laugh. Thanks!
  5. Sync Lock Solution

    BuYu - I don't see on the blog where it says 5% of players were sync locked. Can you point that section out for me? Some honest players are going to be hit. That sucks, but it's reality. Some might quit, which also sucks. However, something has to be done about the multiscopers. People are quitting because they can't compete against the cheaters. I'm aware of a number of people who have quit because of multiscopers. Right now we just have threats of quitting because of Sync Lock. It hasn't even been out long enough for people to really understand its impact.
  6. Sync Lock Day 3

    I think we'll see a period of the multiscopers actively inoculating and continuing with their cheating. BUT, given the financial implications of continuing that behavior, I don't think it will last. We just have to be patient for a bit and wait them out.
  7. Sync Lock Solution

    This point is good, but I think it's backwards. As I understand it, there are more people being hurt by multiscoping than there are legitimate players being hurt by the Sync Lock.
  8. Sync Lock Day 2

    1. Reporting isn't really free for anyone. It doesn't cost you anything monetarily, but it pulls time from the dev team to deal with when they could be building out new features. So it costs the dev's real time/money, and it costs us in new features. 2. If you've been hit, and your not a multiscoper, that sucks. I truly feel for you. You aren't the target. Help the dev team tune this so you don't get bit, but the cheaters do. They're improvements will be better if they have good information from end users to work with. 3. If you live in a densly populated area with lots of players (suckaroobonzai) you are more likely to know people who get hit. I haven't heard of anyone I know getting hit yet, but my area isn't as densly populated with Qonqr players as say, Berlin. 4. The number Silver provided today are really interesting. Hopefully we'll keep getting regular reports like this over the next few weeks so we can see what the real impacts of Sync Lock are.
  9. New Feature - Sync Lock

    After reading this entire thread this afternoon, a few thoughts... 1. Take a deep breath. 2. We're still learning the effect of this change. It's too early to pass judgement. Declaring that this has completely ruined the game and destroyed modern society is a bit rash. 3. Saying this has created a pay-to-play environment is off base, right now. We may find that after a few weeks that is indeed the case. Right now we have no way of knowing what the real effects of this change are, or how many people they are affecting. 4. Labeling this a money grab is cynical and ridiculous. It may (likely will) bring in more revenue, but that's not the aim or the point. This is targeted squarely at reducing cheating. If the dev's were just after more cash that are a lot of other ways they could get it that would be more effective than this. As someone who has ben thrashed by multiscopers, I fully support this change. It's maybe not ideal, it's not perfect, but it's an improvement over what we had before. I think the concept is brilliant. It may take some massaging to get the all of the thresholds fine tuned, but that's ok. This move says to me that the developers are serious about trying to keep this game as fair as they can. I'm going to echo Syntax in asking that people offer ideas for changes here instead of just griping that they don't like it. Especially when they clearly don't understand it. It's maddening to read a post railing against an element of Sync Lock that isn't even a thing. PLEASE take some time to understand how it works, see how the implementation affects game play, and offer suggestions for improvements. Syntax, thanks for being a voice of sanity on this thread.
  10. Milestones

    SuperTrampoline - That's awesome! Congratulations! I'm looking forward to hearing it.
  11. Fresh Swarm-ling.

    Welcome aboard Casval.
  12. T-Shirts and Coffee Mugs

    I'm going to put my vote in for polos with the faction logos on them too. I think that'd be fun to wear to work.
  13. You know you play QONQR too much when…

    You develop alternate routes to the places you frequent to get bases in additional zones.
  14. Switch Factions

  15. Switch Factions

    Wheatchief - First, should have gone Swarm. ;-) Second, this is a thing that's been discussed on the forums at some length. The developers are aware of it. The downside is that you lost 20 rank points. The up side is that you've gotten the Spy achievement, and rank points don't affect the game play at all. So while you'll be sitting at Private for a while, it wont hinder your ability to do anything in the game. Keep playing, you'll be ranking up in no time!