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  1. How to properly defend a base

    Ok, so for now (as I have low qredits) I'll keep on deploying more deflection as I was going about 50/50 with them, and later on when I actually have more qredits I'll start working on those strengtheners and latices
  2. Well, the thing is, so far, in the city I live in I'm the only player hahaha, but I do have some friends already that will start playing (when the app goes to Android that is (which I think I read somewhere that it would come out somewhere around the middle of the year, something like that)) But well, the thing is, I do know for sure that when the app comes I'll have several other players to compete with, which is good, but I want to keep the lead on the city's base (there's only one base here), so I was wondering, I'm deploying several bots to be in the city, but does it have a difference on which kinds of bots I deploy? I mean, would it be better for me to load up the place with defense bots only? Or all that matters right now is numbers, doesn't really matter if its defensive or attacking bots?
  3. Too many zones?

    I suffer a lot from the zones distribution D: I mean, I just got to level 71 and so far I only have 3 bases... I live in a big city with only 1 zone in it, lucky me I study in a far end of the city (which gives me another zone, from a neighbor city) and also work on the exact opposite extreme, therefore giving me another zone from another city... So its like I can build up to 14 bases, but I've only built 3 so far... While a town nearby has over 300 zones in it... (at first I thought it was 100+, but then realized it was much more) I'm waiting for a chance to leave town just to build up more bases hahaha
  4. I think he meant that he wants a total of 12m bots, not 12m zones hahaha I'm still struggling to get myself 1m bots XD
  5. QONQR web commercial

    Really awesome idea, I'm gonna start thinking of places to capture and take a picture too hahaha
  6. XP Cap makes no sense

    But did anyone reach a conclusion on why does this happen? That could help a lot, I mean, if we understood how to play in a way to get more Exp (sometimes my attacks give me 60 exp, sometimes 380, I don't see any logic in it either, just hope that the higher exp keeps working haha)
  7. Question regarding Qredits

    You mean LandQreuzer? That guy is the top brazilian player XD But yeah, I haven't really talked with him yet, he's still far aways stronger then me hahaha, and our location is a bit far away
  8. Question regarding Qredits

    Yeah I kinda thought of perhaps just trying to go someplace else, but that ain't very easy, work and college take away most of my time But thanks for the replies, now I know what I must do in order to try and get more Qredits
  9. Hi, I'm new to the game, and this will most likely be a really dumb question, but.... Is there any other way to get Qredits except for bases or Qcubes? I ask that because in the town I live there's set only one Zone, so I can only have one base, which means very little Qredits... Also if possible, can anyone tell me how are the zones generated? I mean, I live in a relatively big city (over 700k people live here) and there's only one zone in it, but when I look at the map, a city close by, which is far smaller has like over 200 zones in it, so I was wondering how are the zones generated, and if possible also know if there's a possibility that more zones will be added to my city. When taking that into consideration I get kinda sad that I only get about 1k or less in the game per day, that way I can't buy the upgrades and stuff (I did buy 2 but it took me 3 or 4 days to gather 3k Qredits).... Any info is greatly appreciated
  10. Too many zones?

    But, is there a way to actually try to correct some of this? I mean, the city I live in have just one zone, while the city next to mine (which is far smaller, being about 1/3 of my city's size) has about a hundred zones or so... Is there a way to actually request the zones to be fixed? Not just saying to remove the zones in other cities, but perhaps add zones to other cities (like mine)