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  1. ElDramar- Gig Harbor-

    I have been threatened by better than the likes of you void ....... But not many.
  2. Windows 8 Command Center

    An Xbox app with voice chatting would be pretty cool
  3. Milestones

    Just noticed I am moving near Darkiran on zones captured. current count a modest 2435
  4. Windows 8 Command Center

    And now I finally have a reason to upgrade my poor beleagured laptop. My wife will be so happy that even more of my time is sucked up pushing deploy over and over and over and over and ... now that I think of it maybe my wife is right ... I should look in to that ... right after I take over this node, and maybe the other one over there.
  5. Stopping Cheaters

  6. How is experience calculated?

    I noticed that currently the xp really throttles down after level 100 still waiting for the timer reset on that one.
  7. Just want to echo the qonqr love. the user developer experience is something i have never seen and it makes the game that much more enjoyable
  8. ElDramar- Gig Harbor-

    A day may come when my interest in this game fails, when I forsake these nodes and break all bonds of fellowship. But it is not this day. An hour of wolves and shattered shields when the age of faceless comes crashing down! But it is not this day! This day I fight! By all that you hold dear on this good Earth, I bid you stand! Men of the West!
  9. How Many Zones Captured Do You Have?

    recently finally broke 100 zones not much but Onyx is a zone hoarder
  10. ElDramar- Gig Harbor-

    mmmm hotdogs and beer
  11. ElDramar- Gig Harbor-

    Due to unforseen circumstances. (largely my boredom with contant back an forth) It is my duty to announce that I have abandoned the path of the righteous. (see previous post regarding color scheme) I hang my head in shame but have chosen to join the faceless. (To be fair I also hang my head in shame when I choose to Eat McDonalds)
  12. ElDramar- Gig Harbor-

    Understand that the Legions inevitable primacy is encoded in the very game. Notice that our color is red the only faction with a Primary color. clearly the powers that be favor the Legion. Perhaps you should consider abandoning your own inevitably hopeless cause.
  13. ElDramar- Gig Harbor-

    Onyx from Gig Harbors cold heart I stab at thee and your continuous destruction of my fledgling empire
  14. Big Jump In User Growth

    agree with Conner found out about ya at WPCentral and enjoying the game so far
  15. ElDramar- Gig Harbor-

    Today I announce your doom. no wait let me try that again ... !!!!!!!!!!!TODAY I ANNOUNCE YOUR DOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok thats better. Wherever I am I will be relentless, unless I am not. My forces will be everywhere, within a reasonable range of my current location. Consider it brought * your forces will be destroyed and your nodes taken, unless it is to much trouble. so be warned ...BE WARNED * It is currently defined as an invitation to go have hot dogs and beer at the Tacoma Red Hot